200, or: So many questions…

This is post # 200 in this li’l blog o’ mine (don’t get confused by the number in the URL, that one also counts drafts, pages and uploads). I know, others might just raise a light smile, at best, at these numbers, but… so be it.

To let this post have some meaning, I’m gonna “answer” a few questions that I have been approached with through the search engines (and I’ve translated the German ones for you):

  • give it to me baby ah ah
    Sure. Let’s start!
  • baby can you listen to me
    I’m all ears, go ahead.
  • do you think you can fool me eric
    Wrong door, there’s no Eric here.
  • what the best birthday letter that i give to my honey :kussm:
    Ooooh, that’s a hard problem, who understands the women anyway? Sorry, can’t help you, I don’t want to risk that my suggestion might not be the right one for your lady…
  • how can it be that none of the deeper questions cross your mind? are you afraid to find surprises?
    And you are asking me that? (But at least you are using question marks!)
  • lotto higher winning chance which numbers should i take
    Well, if you’d only knew that in advance… but with selling pretended prognoses, it appears, there’s more money to be made than with using them yourself…

  • how much do i have to pay to play 16 lotto numbers
    At once? In the selection system 120€ plus handling fees (for 160 tip rows). The full system maxes out at 13 numbers. But I think there are better ways to spend that money – for your honey’s birthday, for instance (see above).
  • lotto numbers which are good
    are random numbers good or bad in lotto
    which lotto numbers are good
    which lotto numbers shall i take
    which lotto numbers shall i play
    which lotto numbers should be played

    Let’s put it this way: for a “6 of 49” lotto, they should be between 1 and 49 (inclusive).
  • is their an tip what the lotto numbers be today
    One? Millions. For each drawing. The higher the jackpot, the more. I also see that in my search statistics…
  • how cann i an letter write and automatically translate too german
    If even your English is full of errors, an automatic translation will be even worse. See e.g. the Anghela spam mails :)
  • do we fear what we dont understand
    Could be. You can also make fun of it (see above).
  • what does English mean to me
    Maybe more than to others (see above)…
  • do you feel the magic in my hand
    Erm, this might be a little too public a place for manual sexual intercourse. :oops:
  • if you don’t need me why am i still in your bed
    Huh? *takingaquicklook* Nope, wrong address, there’s nobody in my bed now.
  • do men wear thongs
    poll men thongs

    I really should do a poll about that here…
  • what is foul weather
    Where are you living if you don’t know that? Don’t want to tell? I can understand that, might get too crowded otherwise…
  • zjom zjom! :bye:

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  1. jL

    Hey Glückwunsch :mrgreen: und weiter so! Bin ja stark versucht am Samstag deine “Prognosen” mal auszuprobieren :-) Sollte es wider Erwarten damit klappen, werde ich dich auch bedenken!

  2. c


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