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Dull colors in Chrome 61/62

Just a quick computer hint: Since the recent update of the Chrome browser to version 61, the colors were dull on my Windows 10 – not just on the web pages, but also the icons of the user interface. Solution found here:

Open the page chrome://flags, find the setting “Color correct rendering” and change it to Disabled.

(Sometimes something can be too “correct”, it seems…)

Update for Chrome 62: Apparently they changed something again and removed this option – setting “Force color profile” to sRGB seems to do the trick now.

It’s Hot!

This processor must be quite sweating quite a lot, it’s almost melting! Well, at least in countries that use Fahrenheit, since the Celsius temperature is rather normal:

BIOS setup, Hardware monitoring page showing CPU temperature 49°C/501°F

I’m just wondering why the BIOS programmers obviously don’t use the same calculation/display routine for both CPU and board temperature sensors…

I already knew!


Dear Blogspot, apart from your having a somewhat stupid comment system – why do you send me a mail notifying me about my own comment on one of the blogs hosted by you?

Well, at least it’s better than having no mail notification at all…