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…and sometimes white

Or: How a Single Serving Site (info) can fail. :)

You know, there are a few simple sites that, for instance, just give a brief answer (“No”) to questions like “Should I use tables for layout?” or “Is it Christmas?” and nothing more – my little Ü toy may already be too elaborate –, but even then it can happen that the site operator misses a case:

A page that claims to be sometimes red and sometimes blue, aptly named sometimesredsometimesblue.com, remains white if you access it with JavaScript turned off – that’s worthy of a little FAIL, I think, so:

FAIL. :bigsmile:

(via Apfelknacker)



Translation: “For timeLab/24 bit”

A message when saving an animation – well, Corel Photo-Paint never was a great program for animations anyway… shortly afterwards it crashed.

(March 2009)

That’s what it was meant to read: For time settings to be saved…:


My ATIKMDAG finally behaves

head Atikmdag is part of the ATI graphics driver; Windows Vista got a function to detect lockups of graphics drivers and tries to re-initialize them, which results in a message like “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” – if you’re lucky, that’s it and everything works fine again, but if not, you get a bluescreen after the fifth attempt.

That’s just the problem my new main PC from early November had: after one to a few hours on the desktop with the nice glass and other window effects of Vista Aero enabled, the aforementioned message appeared, almost always with bluescreen. With the normal Basic theme there were never any problems (except that it’s not really pretty…).

As the internet tells, there are numerous other people with similar problems at various places as well as numerous possible causes and attempts to solve them – power supply, PCIe clock, memory, and and and. Didn’t apply to me or didn’t help.

That’s how i was with the Catalyst hotfix driver 8.10 – the first to support the brand-new Radeon HD4650 cards –, and due to negative reports from others I skipped 8.11 and 8.12. When Catalyst 9.1 was released at the end of January, I thought I’d give it another try and installed this driver together with the latest DirectX update (Nov.2008), and behold: The box runs stable with full Aero Glass effects for full 8 to 12 hour days without any crash since then.

Don’t know if this hint helps anyone else… Still, for the sake of completeness (and for anyone who’s curious), here are a few system specs:

Board: MSI P35D3 Platinum
Chipset: Intel P35 (oh, really?)
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.17GHz)
RAM: 4 GB (2x Crucial 2 GB DDR3-1066)
upgraded to 8 GB (4x Crucial 2 GB DDR3-1066)
Graphics: 2x HIS HD4650 iSilence 4 (passive cooling)1
Power supply: Enermax PRO82+ 525W
OS: Windows Vista 64 Ultimate
Hard disks: 2x 640GB Samsung HD642JJ2
Case: Antec P182
Noise: very quiet :mrgreen:
  1. one card isn’t enough for 3 monitors… []
  2. no RAID, just 2 disks []

Spam clippings

Spam? Yukk! A little collection of strange spam clippings that are not worthy of separate posts…


A typical lottery spam that was really nothing special (by the way: if they alledgedly picked one of hundreds of millions of mail addresses, why do they still use winning numbers?) – only the form of address is noteworthy:

Dear E-mail ID,

No, that’s too impersonal for me.

From one of the mails that combine a short and somewhat sexual sentence with added prose (to confuse spam filters) advertising something that you can’t clearly tell what it is:

Fiill your bed partner’s brain with the excitement and satisfaction

Somehow I thought that it’s not the bed partner’s brain that get filled, but rather other body regions…

A mail with the subject “PlaceAnd bowd his eminent top.”:

Sweet disaster with a worldOf. Lord put him tot let him. [Aside to BERTRAM] O for.

…and nothing more. An ad for dadaist art?

“Can I help you?”

(Translated from German) A “fortuneteller, miracle-healer, mystic” picks the commentators of the (German) “furtuneteller check” blog of all people to spam them with (in my case with a comment on the contact page and by mail) with above question. :lol:

Failed spam comments

In the URL field: “hi!”
Comment text: “file_links\Mmedia\(D) FILES\xrumer\full5\Projects\links.txt,35,S]”

In the URL field: “FYOLeNkRChFIAHSJmKA”
Comment text: “mypetpharmacies.txt;10;15”

In the URL field: “link”
Comment text: “What i must send to you if you need this health?,”

In the name field: “name”
In the URL field: “link”
Comment text: “Good day!,”, “Hello!,”, “Hi webmaster!”

Bush’s bad English

In the name field: “Bush” – new job for an ex-president? ;) — text (the lines with numbers were links to subdomains at a free hosting service):

sorry for my bad english
down Angeela6938
was Teera202
thing Aleberta869
that Jeneefeer5733
part Angeela714

baby sweeeeet

Yeah, really can’t call that good English…

Almost an insult

In the name field: “WP Themes” — text:

I think your blog need a new wordpress template. Downalod it from […]. The site has nice and unique wordpress templates.

Coaching without success

Finally a manual comment (German, my translation) on the search request reply post that occasionally is found when people search for a certain fortuneteller (who I wrote about in German only), written by someone (whose name I removed here) who had searched for exactly her name:

Hello to everyone who desperately search for help and contact Esmeralda [the fortuneteller].
Unfortunately 70% of all people want to make their profit from the sorrow of others. I’ve been a success
& personality coach for 11 years and have helped many people to live happier and more successful. But one thing you can believe me, not even death is for free.

Stop falling for such fraudsters and search for persons who can really help. Gladly I provide information about people who can help. Just have a look at my website (preferrably simply under [first name] [last name]) and inform yourself. And if I can help you I gladly will.
Have a good life.
[first name]

In the URL field he entered a URL conforming to the pattern www.[first name][last name].de – which doesn’t even exist! :lol: His real domain would be [last name].de only…

Photo (orig.): Justin Hall – Fotolia.com

Naked disgrace?

Alright, that title’s a little lurid and exaggerated – it’s about the “naked globe” in the OneGeology project which offers, starting today, worldwide geology data (as many news sites report). And what do you see on the map portal (portal.onegeology.org) as Firefox 3 user?

This application is optimized for IE6, IE7, Flock 1.2 and Firefox 2.

Well, Firefox 3 was released only in mid-July, so… ;)

What do you get with Opera 9.51 and Safari 3.1 (Windows)?1 No, not the same message, but an “eternal” loading animation with a strangely shaped landmass on the globe graphic:
OneGeology loading graphics

Finally, it works as expected with the Internet Explorer. C’mon, folks, if you got to have a browser switch, do it right!

Or will they do it right some time today, and I was a bit rash?

Update 7 Aug. 2pm: No improvement yet…
Update 9 Aug. 9.30pm: Ditto.

  1. And with Firefox with JavaScript disabled. []