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Dull colors in Chrome 61/62

Just a quick computer hint: Since the recent update of the Chrome browser to version 61, the colors were dull on my Windows 10 – not just on the web pages, but also the icons of the user interface. Solution found here:

Open the page chrome://flags, find the setting “Color correct rendering” and change it to Disabled.

(Sometimes something can be too “correct”, it seems…)

Update for Chrome 62: Apparently they changed something again and removed this option – setting “Force color profile” to sRGB seems to do the trick now.

Google knows no borders

Half the world is talking about the announcement of Google’s own browser called Chrome, and Big G presents its advantages in a long Comic, worth reading, actually. And what do my weary eyes see on page 13 when they are talking about a Danish team and display a map of Europe?

Google Chrome Comic p.13 map of Europe

Denmark as well as Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, half of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary belong to Germany! Was there a new war or annexation I missed?

The Greek islands appear to have drowned, too, and the Black Sea seems to have dried up. Well, climate change and stuff, these things can happen.

Hope the browser got less errors… ;)