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Browser statistics and more

Now that Webtrekk GmbH published its current statistics about browser & co in Germany for the 3rd quarter (see also Golem) – IE 6 is still used most (41,15%), then Firefox/Mozilla (27,08%) and IE 7 (25,23%); Windows XP clearly dominates (79,56%) in front of the rest (more in the official PDF) – I thought I’d publish my blog’s statistics, too.

My numbers were collected by Blogcounter.de since late August – with the advantage that they do not count my own visits, so that doesn’t blur the data.


IE (all versions put together) dominate here too, but the share of Firefox/Mozilla is higher than in the Webtrekk statistics (“sonstige” = other):

Stats: Browsers

Operating System:

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For Internet Explorer haters…

…who can stitch well enough (not me), an IE voodoo doll would be nice:

IE voodoo doll

» Tutorial at ChiBits (many photos – including the above one)

Smilie by GreenSmilies.com But watch out that you don’t prick yourself and spill more blood than what is currently was dripping from my blog header during Halloween, which looked like that:

Halloween screenshot

(via H725.de via Blogfever)

Personal History

A nice little pastime from WebZweiPunktNull.de, found via Bloggerei.de at Loco Garcia – a “personality test”, kinda:

Which websites appear as first in (the history of) your browser’s address bar if you type in just one letter?

q http://www.qxm.de/webdesign/schattentest2.jpg
w http://winfuture.de/
r http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?getstop=1
t http://www.teltarif.de/arch/
z http://www.zdf.de/
u http://uk.theinquirer.net/?page=4
i http://www.intern.de/
o http://www.onlinewahn.de/generator/zeitung.php
p http://www.pcwelt.de/
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Firefox Extensions no-one needs?

Computerworld published its “Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid” (of which Computerwoche.de published its German version, naming it “…which no-one needs”(!), which I read first) – some of the criticism, in my opinion, rather questionable, some rather okay (the list numbers link to Computerworld’s article pages):

1. Fasterfox (prefetching of linked pages): I don’t like that that much either.

2. NoScript (en-/disable JavaScript and plugins per site, additional security features):

“If you really have a need for this kind of control, then you’re already using the extension and will continue to do so. But for the average Web surfer, constantly having to whitelist sites so that scripts can execute in order to give you a fully formed Web experience gets tedious very quickly.”

The German article skips the first sentence quoted above – a major point in my criticism of them.

“Is it worth the hassle? No. […] Most typical Web surfers who install this extension remove it after the novelty wears off.”

Disagree. I wouldn’t want to miss it even if it takes 2 clicks to make some sites work.

And I’d like to know where your “statistics” are coming from…

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Public Alpha [Update]

Not that I ever were an Apple fan – and not that I thought they’d really care much about Windows – but if you look at what they released as “Public Beta” of their browser “Safari” for Windows (with several Windows-atypical peculiarities, of course), you’ll surely won’t become a fan, and you only shake your head, seeing all these display problems it has.

And not just here:

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