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Bought all presents?

Found on Dec 27 in a hedge:

(Click for large view – well, it’s a list of cheap things: functional turtleneck shirt; baking tray; canned sausage; “rouche”; hand warmer, cherry pit pillow; book – aquarium – coupon – fish)

Hope the paper wasn’t lost before the presents were bought – would be a pity if Isolde who was so looking forward to getting her rouge had not even received some rouche or Steffen starved without his canned sausage. Just wandering if that at the end is a book gift coupon and a fish for an aquarium, or if you need to read it line by line, too. (The last name appears to be Ryan’s last name; which is also why I blurred it.)

Happy Holidays!

Inspired by the Friendly Atheist and his opinion on that sign that caused a bit of controversy, here’s my little holiday poem for you:


There is no god
(thus also no son of his),
neither heaven nor hell –
is hell something you’re going to miss?
So let your mind be unfurled,
there is only our natural world.
Reason’s greatings to all :)



If you’re wondering about the seemingly contratictory nativity scene in the header image: It’s just “seasonal decoration” – comparable to those at Easter where most people who use bunnies for decoration don’t believe in the Easter bunny…