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Projekt 52/10: Mass/plentiful

The topic of week 10 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:


Perfect timing:

10: Mass/plentiful

Topic 10: Mass/plentiful

Scenes from the Hallertauer Messe (6-9 March), a regional trade fair for the masses (in one hall plus open ground), lots of visitors also and especially on Sunday – one highlight for some kids was probably camel riding. Though I don’t really know how that fits to our region…

(And no, I’m not insinuating the visitors were like camels. ;) )

Only on Wednesdays

Always Wednesday

Translation: Your voucher code: … This voucher is until Wednesday: …

Thanks for the high number of vouchers recently, CDWOW – on top of your prices being quite good already. However, you should work on your mail templates, because (1) there’s a verb missing and (2) none of these days are Wednesdays…

(CDWOW mails Dec/Jan 08/09)

But there actually is some variety:

Only 8 hours! From 1pm to 7pm!

Translation: For only 8 hours 2€ discount on everything at CDWOW – only from 13-19h (1pm–7pm), click here

Now I don’t mind your time-limited discount campaigns at all, dear CDWOW, but you should be a little more careful when creating and advertising them. How long does this campaign actually last?

(CDWOW mail Dec.2008)


Boss not here

Translation: On December 27, BOSS not here, WE neither. But Pssst… !!!

A more interesting way to say “Closed this Saturday”… (Or what else is it supposed to mean?)

(Pfaffenhofen, Dec.2008)