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Projekt 52/10: Mass/plentiful

The topic of week 10 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:


Perfect timing:

10: Mass/plentiful

Topic 10: Mass/plentiful

Scenes from the Hallertauer Messe (6-9 March), a regional trade fair for the masses (in one hall plus open ground), lots of visitors also and especially on Sunday – one highlight for some kids was probably camel riding. Though I don’t really know how that fits to our region…

(And no, I’m not insinuating the visitors were like camels. ;) )

In the Lion’s Cellar

Löwenbräukeller I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to once visit a mysticism trade show like the one currently (until Sunday) open in Munich in the Löwenbräukeller (=“lion brew cellar”), and so set forth this afternoon – and found confirmed that phantasy is basically without limit…

Numerous exhibitors with booths from one to several square meters, coupled with over 100 lectures/workshops (though some are repeated over the weekend) – many of the lecturers are exhibitors, too, of course – should offer something for everybody to get rid of brain cells and money. Now I didn’t attend a lecture, because on the one hand I was afraid to control myself, and on the other hand they are mostly scheduled to last 40 minutes, and that was too long for me, especially since I had to visit the red light district, too.1

So I just eavesdrop on a few booths and have this or that “explained”, or just take a look around, from angel drawings to aura photography, chiromancy (in proper style in a little gypsy tent), cosmetics with living water (including free samples), energy pyramids®, fragrance oils, gemstones, incense sticks, meters of prophecies from a certain Bertha Dudde (free, thanks to donations), rainbow angels, reading the cards, shamanic diagnostics, singing bowls, soul bestsellers, witch accessories and zero-point-energy products from liquidation, to spiritual straightening – everything well-suited for spiritual drilling the customers, if you will.

Löwenbräukeller: Esoterik-Tage = mysticism days

Oh well, the Energy Pyramids® (always with a ® on the flyer) – a framework of gilded(?) brass(?) rods with a small pyramid upside-down inside a larger one, each with a glass floor. “The key to the 3rd millennium” – hey, thanks for unlocking, now that would have been bad in 2000’s new year’s eve if the doors had remained closed! To enhance the spiritual energies, “proven” with three “aura photos” after different times of application. Available in three different models/sizes (smallest is 18cm) for different goals at bargain prices from 400€ to 2300€. Now who won’t pull out the wallet right away!

And preferrably also order right away: A gilded bowl-like framework (called fountain) that’s advertized to complement the pyramid in an optimal way: 1800€, “plus crystal ball (from 300€)”. Super-bargain, really! The Medien-Markt (German) can pack up and go home! ;)

Then when walking through the isles, I nearly ran into a woman who was standing halfway on the isle behind a sitting customer, arms stretched out halfway, palms upwards about at shoulder height – several minutes without saying something or moving much. I don’t want to think about what might have happened had I disturbed the energetic orientation by jostling her, the energy might have annihilated the entire building!

A large gong was standing at one booth – I almost started to sing “Anyway the wind blows” and hit the gong2, but the concentrated powers of the sound mystics barely was able to keep me from doing it. :P

And of course there were large tables with ad flyers which I stocked up on, so I got things to write about for the next months… The program schedule for K-TV, the catholic TV station from Austria, was also available – shock, do mysticism and religion have something in common after all??3

So I’ll end today’s post with this greatly matching drawing from Plognark (via Bad Astronomy):
The stupid, it burns

  1. South of Munich’s central station, there’s an interesting mixture of sex shops/strip bars, gambling places – and computer shops which were my actual destination. []
  2. that’s how “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen ends []
  3. Yes. Quite a lot, actually. []

The devil wears kinky diapers

excerpt from Codex Gigas

At least that’s how it looks on this picture from the Codex Gigas, the “Devil’s Bible”, one of the largest medieval manuscripts from the 13th century, according to legend written by a monk who wanted to evade being walled up alive – in one night, with the help of the devil, “of course”…

This giant book (90x50x22cm) will be shown from today until early January in the Prague Klementinum.

At the National Library of Sweden, where it is normally stored, you can browse through the entire book in high resolution (that’s also where I got the image whose detail is shown above).