The devil wears kinky diapers

excerpt from Codex Gigas

At least that’s how it looks on this picture from the Codex Gigas, the “Devil’s Bible”, one of the largest medieval manuscripts from the 13th century, according to legend written by a monk who wanted to evade being walled up alive – in one night, with the help of the devil, “of course”…

This giant book (90x50x22cm) will be shown from today until early January in the Prague Klementinum.

At the National Library of Sweden, where it is normally stored, you can browse through the entire book in high resolution (that’s also where I got the image whose detail is shown above).

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  1. jL

    Das sieht tatsächlich wie frühe Pamp*rs aus. Obwohl mir Häschen als Motive besser gefallen hätten. Nun, vielleicht hätte man auch Rücksicht auf den Träger dann lieber was Passenderes (was?) nehmen sollen.
    Die eigentliche Frage muss jetzt allerdings lauten: Was wollte der Künstler damit verbergen?

  2. c

    Wahrscheinlich hatte der Zeichner – unabhängig von der Legende – Angst, tatsächlich lebendig eingemauert zu werden, wenn er die wohl wahrhaft teuflische Intimsphäre dargestellt hätte.

    Oder der Teufel hat ihm das so befohlen, weil er sich wegen zu geringer Größe schämt :mrgreen: — die heutzutage mit Spam beworbenen Mittel für Penisvergrößerungen gab’s damals entweder noch nicht, oder sie waren schon damals wirkungslos (vermute ich jedenfalls mal)…

  3. Achei realmente muito interessante; não entendo os comentários acima.

    • c

      You know, if it wasn’t for automatic translators which tell me your comment means something like “I found really interesting, do not understand the comments above”, I could say the same… :)

  4. :idea: :( :x 8O :twisted: :| :roll: :lol: :mrgreen: :arrow:

  5. a

    :D a mi me parece muy interesante ya que es casi impocible aberlo escrito por una sola persona y ser un libro perfecto cada letra cada linea estar trasada a la perfeccion devio aver sido un gran castigo para su autor deveria aver pasado la mayor parte de su vida haciendolo y apesar que solo tengo 14 años de edad me parece ser una cosa estremadamente espectacular….. gracias…..! :P :evil:

    • c

      From what I get from Babelfish, you might actually be saying something about this Codex, but, well, neither me nor many of my readers speak Spanish. :)


    • c

      Why the f*** does this post attract Spanish and Portuguese comments??? (I don’t speak either of these languages!)

  7. SC

    I have no idea on what attracts the spanish & portuguese speakers (like me, i’m brazilian), but unlike them i’ll do the favor of writing in english at least.

    I was simply looking for material about the Codex Gigas and maybe a bigger image of that book’s devil and your page showed up among the first i googled.
    That aside, i would say the “diaper” could also be some skirt or kilt. Just my thoughts.

    • c

      Well, maybe Spanish/Portuguese/Brazilian Google tend to position my image higher than others…

      If that’s a kilt, then the devil must be a REAL Scotsman – saving even on a decent (complicated and thus expensive) color pattern and other clothes. ;)

  8. L

    I am here just to translate the comments above in portuguese and spanish and to see how my english, my portuguese and my spanish are nowadays.

    The first, in portuguese, you alread understood. Thank you, babel fish.
    The second, in spanish, says:
    To me looks like very interesting because it’s almost impossible it have been written by one single person and be a perfect book – each word, each line is drawn with perfection. It must have been a big punishment to the writter, he may have passed the biggest part of him life making this. And although I am only 14 years old, looks like to me one thing extremilly amazing… Thanks…!

    The third one, in portuguese, says:
    There are thing that we should believe, even if we dont see it, and if once we have the feeling of seen it, we have to believe in it. If things exist, they are among us, everythig depends of how we use them, to good or to evil. TEMPLARIUM?
    (religious fanatic)

    Now you can sleep in peace tonight! :D

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