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85276 Pfaffenhofen/Ilm in Germany, that is

Let there be light

“Light” is Pabuca’s current topic, and with christmas being right around the corner and Pfaffenhofen having such nicely illuminated houses… which began a few years ago as advent calendar, adding one illumination every day, but the next year all houses were illuminated from the start.

Not as boring as two weeks ago, isn’t it? :)



Alright, sometimes it becomes a liiiiitle bit kitschy…


Education for Everyone! Or at least…

…for Pabuca because it’s the current topic there.

Let’s start with this building, opened in 1878 as the city’s school house, later girl-only school, since 1979 “Haus der Begegnung” (house of encounter, meeting) with public library, gallery, music school, club and event rooms:

HdB mit Weihnachtsbaum IMG_6031

When the boys moved out of above school, they moved into the building underneath this clock, later named after local author Joseph Maria Lutz, who himself went to this school (see flyer for info [3] and full photo):

Lutz-Schule IMG_6034

What the bees learn in this teaching apiary? ;) I have no idea. Obviously not how to clean signs…

Lehrbienenstand IMG_5962


The current Pabuca topic is boring… that is, it’s called “boring”. Since there are no big tunnel boring machines or other interesting borings nearby, well, only boring non-ground-boring stuff here…

An incomplete christmas market under construction, and not even with actual construction work going on at the moment:

Christkindlmarkt 2014 Aufbau IMG_6015 copy

(No, the crane in the background isn’t used here.)

Some shop windows in a small passage that have been empty for many years.

leere Schaufenster IMG_6016 copy

And very boring: An image that I didn’t want to show back in April for “Lost” because I had better ones – sorry, Matt von P, who thanked me that I didn’t show this photo of this lost(?) boring underwear:

Unterhose IMG_0586 copy

Autumn Again

“Autumn” is also this week’s Pabuca topic. Last week, I already presented a selection of 59 sunny autumn pictures all of which can be viewed on Flickr – but I’ve kept three for Pabuca, three that are more related to Pfaffenhofen than colorful leaves that can be found virtually anywhere. :)

Let’s start with the “Hopfenmeile” (“hop mile”), the local harness racing track – which closed a couple of years ago:


The white blocks in the background belong to the pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo which has a large production and development facility here:


And this is a small village named Sulzbach: