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Thank God It’s Friday? Why? Hadn’t the old Sky Finger Daddy been so lazy but instead created the world in, say, two days, then rested for five days, now that would be something to thank him for.

At least he could have pretended – nobody was there to witness otherwise, anyway. Like, “I made the effort to create everything else in one day, then took a whole day just for you humans.” Then Adam, Eve and her offspring could feel much more guilty! What a chance missed.

I think this is the definite proof that God doesn’t exist. :teufel:

Projekt 52 Week 11: My route to work

The topic of week 10 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

My route to work, school etc.

Well, what can you show when you’re working at home? First I thought I’d just take a closeup of my floor, but that would be too boring… and I don’t have a nice staircase like Cindy either on the way to my desk. So in the end, I picked this:

11: My route to work

Week 11: My route to work

View from my corridor to the right part of my desk – the PCs are behind the corner.

But that’s all out of focus!

  • That’s intentional.
  • See sharp in the morning??
  • And it fits to the question “What will the work day bring?”

Pretty low point of view!

  • Well, I can only drag myself crawling to work in the morning.

(No, the “answers” aren’t all serious. :mrgreen: )