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Advent Triple Threat Match 2014 (14-16)

We’re continuing from a score of 3:5:5½ from three days ago…

Day 14: A little sled, food and drinks, and an alleged moisture vaporator:


In troth, however, this is a thief radar. We’ll sense him soon… yes, there he is! After him! And quickly return the cheese (and finally clean the tomato stain from the landspeeder). Points for the winners: 4:5:6½.

Day 15: The family dog is back, plus not everything, but the kitchen sink, and a snowspeeder:


Perfect for cleaning the cheese – who knows how filthy the thief’s fingers have been? – and welcome the victorious guest. And to keep the dog happy, he receives today’s point: 5:5:6½.

Day 16: A nifty police sled – that would have looked cool in the chase! -, a big cake and the pilot of yesterday’s snowspeeder.


And again it’s time for a little break. Enjoy the cake (so it was no lie after all) and everything else! One point for the cake: 5:6:6½.

Still a close race. Who will win? We’ll know in 8 days…

Advent Triple Threat Match 2014 (9-13)

Let’s continue! Last score was 3:3:5.

Day 9: Bread on a cart, a decoration with a burning candle and Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter.


The bread isn’t very crispy, so the kids want to roast it a bit. And Ewa got a nice hat stand. Well, I don’t really feel like giving lots of points for this, but a half one for each of the useful items: 3:3½:5½.

Day 10: A snow catapult, a collection of kitchen tools and a TIE Fighter:


The snow catapult must be intended for the snow trooper, of course, and he’S showing the tie fighter that his false labeling – a tie fighter not wearing a tie!? – isn’t acceptable. One point for the catapult: 4:3½:5½

Day 11: Daddy, a police officer, is home – with megaphone and sheet music. Uh oh, I got a bad feeling… Plus a Friends kitchen stove and a TIE Fighter pilot:


Even the toughest star warriors run away from that. In principle, that’s a point for City for the victory, but two minus points for choosing this song: 3:3½:5½.

On the 12th day of advent the calendars give us a remote-controlled ducky on wheels, tomato soup(?) – the instructions tell us to put it in day 10’s plates – and Luke’s Landspeeder:


It seems that the boy can’t really control the landspeeder. What a mess… one consolation point to Friends: 3:4½:5½.

Day 13: Yikes, a thief! And more from the Friends kitchen – including a cheese slope actually used as cheese! That earns half a point! – and Luke Skywalker in person:


While the thief steals the cheese, the boy outside hands the landspeeder over to its owner. But will they manage to catch the thief? To be continued…

Current score: 3:5:5½.

Advents-Dreikampf 2014 (2.-8.)

Let’s continue my little Lego advent calendar match. After the first day, the score was 0:0:1 (City:Friends:Star Wars).

Day 2 brings us the letterbox – useless to us – with a frog, probably in hibernation, a little sled, and a “Super Battle Droid” which is so ugly and un-Lego-like that it probably wasn’t welcome even at the Mars aliens of 2007/8. That’s one point off.


One point to Friends for the fun the sled brings, and since the droid is so nice to pull it – hopping, since his legs are just as connected as the Friends and child minifigures’ legs -, he gets a point added. 0:1:1.

Day 3: A mini snowman with a nice hat, a shopping bag with shopped things, and a republic cannon. Which means fun:


That’s 0:1:2.

Day 4: Eat and drink, a little fawn with a little tree and a grimly looking Clone Trooper with (separately packaged) Santa hat.


Neither the pie nor the cute fawn can make the trooper smile; probably his face was cloned this way already. The cute fawn gets a point anyway: 0:2:2.

Day 5: Mum’s here with a delicious croissant, Friends give us a piece of a house, and yesterday’s Trooper gets his helmet and weapons. Well, if he really gets his helmet:


“Why you little…! Give me my helmet now!” – but Mum will calm him down for sure. One point for her: 1:2:2.

Day 6: A box of fruits, one Ewa in holiday-ish clothes and a Vulture Droid.


“Would you iike some cherries, erm, sir?” – “Thanks.” And while the trooper tries to munch the croissant through his helmet, he can give his Santa hat to the young lady. One point for this and for the fruits, that means 2:2:3.

Day 7: Another piece of a house, this time in City, a big table and a snowball cannon which can actually shoot:


Yes, yet another cannon, and yes, another point for it. If Star Wars will continue with all this war stuff…? 2:2:4.

Day 8: Daughter’s here, two seats anda Snowtrooper:


After all this fighting, we need a little break – enjoy your meal and drinks, everybody! Points for everyone! Current score: 3:3:5.

But there are still 16 days left where a lot can happen…


The Simpsons house, being a typical one-family house, doesn’t quite fit into a downtown area – in its Lego incarnation as well as in real life. And the strange heads that Lego chose to give the Simpsons figures won’t go well with the well-known regular minifigures. So what, Lego buildings can be easily modified – and the heads can serve as masks for the minifigure population. Like in my latest Lego houae:

Matt's Masks front view

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