Advents-Dreikampf 2014 (2.-8.)

Let’s continue my little Lego advent calendar match. After the first day, the score was 0:0:1 (City:Friends:Star Wars).

Day 2 brings us the letterbox – useless to us – with a frog, probably in hibernation, a little sled, and a “Super Battle Droid” which is so ugly and un-Lego-like that it probably wasn’t welcome even at the Mars aliens of 2007/8. That’s one point off.


One point to Friends for the fun the sled brings, and since the droid is so nice to pull it – hopping, since his legs are just as connected as the Friends and child minifigures’ legs –, he gets a point added. 0:1:1.

Day 3: A mini snowman with a nice hat, a shopping bag with shopped things, and a republic cannon. Which means fun:


That’s 0:1:2.

Day 4: Eat and drink, a little fawn with a little tree and a grimly looking Clone Trooper with (separately packaged) Santa hat.


Neither the pie nor the cute fawn can make the trooper smile; probably his face was cloned this way already. The cute fawn gets a point anyway: 0:2:2.

Day 5: Mum’s here with a delicious croissant, Friends give us a piece of a house, and yesterday’s Trooper gets his helmet and weapons. Well, if he really gets his helmet:


“Why you little…! Give me my helmet now!” – but Mum will calm him down for sure. One point for her: 1:2:2.

Day 6: A box of fruits, one Ewa in holiday-ish clothes and a Vulture Droid.


“Would you iike some cherries, erm, sir?” – “Thanks.” And while the trooper tries to munch the croissant through his helmet, he can give his Santa hat to the young lady. One point for this and for the fruits, that means 2:2:3.

Day 7: Another piece of a house, this time in City, a big table and a snowball cannon which can actually shoot:


Yes, yet another cannon, and yes, another point for it. If Star Wars will continue with all this war stuff…? 2:2:4.

Day 8: Daughter’s here, two seats anda Snowtrooper:


After all this fighting, we need a little break – enjoy your meal and drinks, everybody! Points for everyone! Current score: 3:3:5.

But there are still 16 days left where a lot can happen…

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