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Whether it’s grey or gray to you, it’s still the current Pabuca topic. But don’t be afraid of dull greys – that’s what this bridge at the local train station says:


Speaking of train station: Sometimes, trains seem to be going into the grey nowhere…


This old house combines so many shades of grey, a little color around it can’t be wrong:



Current Pabuca topic. Hmm, I’ve shown several photos containing Pfaffenhofen’s history in one kind or another before. So what should I take this time?

I decided I get something from the archive: from last year’s celebration of the 575th anniversary of when Pfaffenhofen was first mentioned as town (the place itself existed before: first mentioned in 1140, “market” in 1197, “oppidum” in 1318).

Bouncing town halls – that is, bouncing castles looking like the town hall – probably aren’t that old:


But documents may be so old:

stadt copy

And a genuine photo from the city’s marching band back then: ;)

1438 copy


Everything stays the same: a new Pabuca topic called “New”.

Around here, the streets are being renovated – but before everything new is finished, there are intermediate stages. But it’s supposed to be completed in the next few days.


Something new for the “old ones” – new building for the old people’s home:


The old ones make space for the new – on the bargain table of a bookstore with a former stationery department:


But even these typewriters once were novelties!


And another Pabuca topic…

The old slaughterhouse – for quite some time just a parking lot decoration:


Beer is often called a staple food here in Bavaria:


On a yet dull and chilly late Sunday morning, it was still quite empty here:


On the beautiful afternoon, it might have been hard to find an empty seat…


The Simpsons house, being a typical one-family house, doesn’t quite fit into a downtown area – in its Lego incarnation as well as in real life. And the strange heads that Lego chose to give the Simpsons figures won’t go well with the well-known regular minifigures. So what, Lego buildings can be easily modified – and the heads can serve as masks for the minifigure population. Like in my latest Lego houae:

Matt's Masks front view

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