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“Center” is the current topic at Pabuca – and at the center of Pfaffenhofen is, of course, the main square with the town hall on the east side and the “Haus der Begegnung” (encounter, meeting) next to the major church on the west side, between which we’re looking here:

Rathaus zwischen Kirche und HdB

Let’s step closer to the town hall:

Hauptplatz IMG_11405

In the past weeks, however, there was something different in the center of everyone’s attention:

Fahnen-Spiegelung IMG_5062

(…and I’m not referring to the Ilm here…)

Way up in the air

…aren’t just the emotions after the World Cup victory, but it’s also this week’s topic at Pabuca.

Let’s start with maypole and modern lamps at the main square:

Maibaum und Lampe IMG_5088

Remains of old external goods hoists are visible in several places, though mostly just by doors in the walls:

Haken in Scheyerer Str IMG_5092

One from the archive, because it would be hard to order a hot-air balloon, get back into my former apartment, and let the balloon fly just such that it’s visible between typical gables and the biomass heating plant’s chimney:

Heißluftballon IMG_7598

GER! ★★★★ Nicht ARGh!

…zumindest am Ende nicht – unterwegs meinten die Nerven was anderes… aber egal:

  de      ararar
 dede     ar   ar
de de   # ar   ar
  de     ar   ar
  de   # ar   ar
  de     ar   ar
dedededede    ararar

:jubel: :jubel: :jubel: :jubel:


New topic at Pabuca is “Vastness”…

A vast amount of water flooded the vast main square and the surrounding city – luckily only on this small bronze model:

Bronzemodell nass IMG_0698

A vast amount of sleepers connects a vast length of rails that can take you to the vast world. Though not with these ICE-T or ICE-3 or the other types, because these only pass through (except in case of some breakdowns):

2 ICEs im Bahnhof PAF copy

The support structure for the new roof of our ice rink has to span quite some distance, too:

Eisstadion IMG_5077 copy


…the current topic at Pabuca.






You wonder what these photos have to do with the topic? Well, apart from rather historical astronomy and the name of some beautiful glow in the sky (zodiacal light, which I can’t ever hope to see here in town, let alone photograph), the zodiac’s main role is of course in astrology. And astrology is of course old scrap, bullshit, trash.