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Appropriately for the bunny celebrations – since the bunny and its eggs are obviously adored by many people, you see more bunny and eggs decorations than crossy portrayals of violence – Pabuca’s topic is “religion”.

Religious indoctrination from a young age – popular with church leaders since it would be bad for the number of their sheep if children were not taught absurdities as self-evident and true, but would learn to really think for themselves…

Kinder-Kirche IMG_4715 copy

And if a different variation of absurdities “spreads” – that is if one mosque (this one here currently under construction) “squeezes” itself “along” with the many christian churches to the edge of town -, that of course means the downfall of the occident to some…

Moschee IMG_4791 bw-montage

(purely black-and-white version)

At any rate, churches around here are usually older than mosques – centuries may pass before some inscriptions are made, and that’s already centuries in the past:

Kircheninschrift IMG_4812 copy

(this church in German Wikipedia)

No Fun

This week’s Pabuca topic is “no fun”, so let’s start right away to get it over with^^:

Construction sites usually mean not much fun in the first place – noise, dirt, traffic disturbances. (Except when unusual machines are used, or you’re young enough to see every machine as unusual…) In this case:

Nazi-Opfer-Denkmal IMG_4705

…not even what is being built is a fun topic, because this will (finally) be a memorial for the victims of National Socialism. A German article about it with a model photo is » here.

This garden door doesn’t just stand around alone for fun, of course the rest of the fence will be added soon:

einsame Gartentür IMG_0602

And finally there is quite some no-fun connected to our small local museum for religious art in the old sacristan house – firstly, the opening hours once per quarter are a bit limited for interested visitors; secondly, everything but the ground floor is not accessible to visitors because of fire safety regulations.

Mesnerhaus-Schild IMG_4706 copy

The exhibits will soon move to a side wing of a nearby church, though.


“Lost” is Pabuca’s current topic – and in this case I’m taking the liberty to grab some photos from the archive because what you see here doesn’t exist anymore…1

This very low passage – barricaded for quite some time – and the house around it had to make way for a new building; construction has just begun. If I remember correctly, it’s planned to have a (bigger) passage, too.

ehem. Durchgang

You were once able to buy baskets here in the “backyard” of the main square. Now there’s a parking garage (always welcome in the city center).

Tür zu Korbgeschäft

Even though this old entrance was only located in a little side street in a residential area right next to the city center, it doesn’t exist anymore. ;)

alter Eingang

I hope everyone who once entered these places came out again, otherwise they’d really be lost…


  1. alright, I could’ve shown a current photo of lost(?) (and really not erotic) panties in the grass next to the road… []


“Night” is the topic at Pabuce… Lets start with an image that could probably be in many cities – but also in Pfaffenhofen, there are construction sites everywhere:

Absperrung IMG_4477

Is the train station a “soul of the city”? In a small town probably rather not, because there are neither shops around here (except a small kiosk with limited opening hours) nor is it in the heart of the city, but rather at the edge – even if the city expanded towards the station once the railway line was completed in 1867 (such as engineering factories and later a well-known baby food producer), and beyond.

Though if you want to go to the mountains with a train, as the text on the engine advertises, you shouldn’t continue in this direction (north):

Bahnhof bei Nacht IMG_4476

Finally, yesterday there was a special occasion: A former café, called “legendary”, which opened for one more commemorative evening mostly for old regulars, and was illuminated nicely with changing colors. After there was noone in the family left to continue the café, there’s normally nothing going on there anymore. At least until everything except the facade will be torn down…

Café Herb bei Nacht IMG_4484


People are people… People is also this week’s topic for Pabuca – and given this past Sunday’s local elections, the people here are those who wanted to be elected. This is a part of the advertisements:

Wahlwerbung 2014 IMG_4401

One candidate had a “moving” campaign idea – unfortunately I didn’t see him in action:

SPD-Fahrradrikscha IMG_4394

And this here is rather an advertisement for guardrails like this one giving the candidates much needed support and stability: ;)

Wahlplakate IMG_4397