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The current Pabuca topic is boring… that is, it’s called “boring”. Since there are no big tunnel boring machines or other interesting borings nearby, well, only boring non-ground-boring stuff here…

An incomplete christmas market under construction, and not even with actual construction work going on at the moment:

Christkindlmarkt 2014 Aufbau IMG_6015 copy

(No, the crane in the background isn’t used here.)

Some shop windows in a small passage that have been empty for many years.

leere Schaufenster IMG_6016 copy

And very boring: An image that I didn’t want to show back in April for “Lost” because I had better ones – sorry, Matt von P, who thanked me that I didn’t show this photo of this lost(?) boring underwear:

Unterhose IMG_0586 copy


Pabuca topic “Steps” – doesn’t necessarily mean stairs, but does here. :)

These are on a square in front of a bank:


Newly built steps in a residential area:


And some that are barely visible, leading to a playground under trees:


Autumn Again

“Autumn” is also this week’s Pabuca topic. Last week, I already presented a selection of 59 sunny autumn pictures all of which can be viewed on Flickr – but I’ve kept three for Pabuca, three that are more related to Pfaffenhofen than colorful leaves that can be found virtually anywhere. :)

Let’s start with the “Hopfenmeile” (“hop mile”), the local harness racing track – which closed a couple of years ago:


The white blocks in the background belong to the pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo which has a large production and development facility here:


And this is a small village named Sulzbach:



Sunday, beautiful weather, time for a little walk with the camera. Here’s a little selection of the photos, there are more on Flickr:

» Album on Flickr with 59 photos



IMG_17383 IMG_17387

IMG_17391 IMG_17441



IMG_17457 IMG_17491 Pilze

IMG_17466 IMG_17498 Pilze

IMG_17540 IMG_17534 Mooskopf


IMG_17566 IMG_17579

IMG_17591 Tautropfen

IMG_17627 Moos und Stock

» Album on Flickr with 59 photos


Whether it’s grey or gray to you, it’s still the current Pabuca topic. But don’t be afraid of dull greys – that’s what this bridge at the local train station says:


Speaking of train station: Sometimes, trains seem to be going into the grey nowhere…


This old house combines so many shades of grey, a little color around it can’t be wrong: