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Current Pabuca topic. Hmm, I’ve shown several photos containing Pfaffenhofen’s history in one kind or another before. So what should I take this time?

I decided I get something from the archive: from last year’s celebration of the 575th anniversary of when Pfaffenhofen was first mentioned as town (the place itself existed before: first mentioned in 1140, “market” in 1197, “oppidum” in 1318).

Bouncing town halls – that is, bouncing castles looking like the town hall – probably aren’t that old:


But documents may be so old:

stadt copy

And a genuine photo from the city’s marching band back then: ;)

1438 copy


Everything stays the same: a new Pabuca topic called “New”.

Around here, the streets are being renovated – but before everything new is finished, there are intermediate stages. But it’s supposed to be completed in the next few days.


Something new for the “old ones” – new building for the old people’s home:


The old ones make space for the new – on the bargain table of a bookstore with a former stationery department:


But even these typewriters once were novelties!


And another Pabuca topic…

The old slaughterhouse – for quite some time just a parking lot decoration:


Beer is often called a staple food here in Bavaria:


On a yet dull and chilly late Sunday morning, it was still quite empty here:


On the beautiful afternoon, it might have been hard to find an empty seat…


The Simpsons house, being a typical one-family house, doesn’t quite fit into a downtown area – in its Lego incarnation as well as in real life. And the strange heads that Lego chose to give the Simpsons figures won’t go well with the well-known regular minifigures. So what, Lego buildings can be easily modified – and the heads can serve as masks for the minifigure population. Like in my latest Lego houae:

Matt's Masks front view

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Movie Titles

Current Pabuca topic, of course.

Cold as Ice. Early March, the sun finally dares to show up again, temperatures almost reach two-digit values (Celsius) – lots to do for ice cream parlors…


Dunno if there’s a Christiane F. among these children, and the station isn’t the Zoo station in Berlin, but anyway…


Pandora’s Box (multiple movies; in German, Pandora had a “Büchse” (Bavarian dialect: “Bixn”) = can). Hope there’s no such dangerous can among these direction signs of which several can be found around town from time to time.


But hardly because there are so many manufacturers of round tin containers – instead it shows that (another) baby girl was born. Traditionally, it’s a name for a family with only daughters…