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Old and soon new in 50mm

For today’s photo walk, I restricted myself to the 50mm lens – and in addition to some nature photos that I’ll probably show tomorrow, I mostly photographed old buildings and a construction site.

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Obere Stadtmauer IMG_8623_a

altes Haus auf der Insel IMG_8579_a Auenstraße IMG_8637_a

Lastenaufzug (Scheyerer Straße) IMG_8645_a Kanal und Gestrüpp IMG_8641_a


niedriges Haus im Draht IMG_8610 schräg_a Auenstraße IMG_8634 schräg_a

Auenstraße IMG_8639_a Durchfahrt (Untere Stadtmauer) IMG_8628_a

Hauptplatz IMG_8654_a

Hauptplatz Bauzaunplakate IMG_8653_a Hauptplatz IMG_8652_a

Hauptplatz IMG_8648 Boden_a

Projekt 52/42: Towers

The next topic of Projekt 52.

42: Towers

Projekt 52 Topic 42: Towers

Quite simple: St Johannes Baptist in Pfaffenhofen – seen through a gap on the oppisite end of the main square.

Projekt 52/38: Past Times

The next topic of Projekt 52.

38: Past Times

Topic 38: Past Times

That house, front garden and broken garden door must have seen better times in the past.

Ruinous Roses

I’ve got some photos from last Sunday left when, after attending a record-CD-DVD-computer-whatever sale in Ingolstadt, I did a little photo tour through the Klenzepark.

As usual also available as Flickr slideshow


IMG_6759 IMG_6764

IMG_6767 IMG_6763


IMG_6795 IMG_6814

IMG_6821 IMG_6813


IMG_6745 IMG_6717


IMG_6736 IMG_6739

IMG_6741 IMG_6775

IMG_6730 IMG_6785


IMG_6782 IMG_6786

IMG_6807 Springbrunnen IMG_6837 Vogel

IMG_6844 Seerose

IMG_6847 Seerose IMG_6849 Seerose

IMG_6851 Fisch

Projekt 52/25: 100 meters away from home

The next topic of Projekt 52

25: 100 meters away from home

Topic 25: 100 meters away from home

Measured with Google Earth, this somewhat picturesque little tower on the local Hotel Müllerbräu is exactly1 100 meters from my front door – directly at Pfaffenhofen’s Hauptplatz (main square). The freshly renovated town hall is also worth a look (but a few meters further away):

Rathaus IMG_3337 Hauptplatz IMG_3904

It was illuminated in blue and yellow on its re-inauguration celebration, see hier.


  1. as exactly as you can tell from not too sharp Google Earth photos and when the front door is a few meters behind the house front due to a small passage… []