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Ruinous Roses

I’ve got some photos from last Sunday left when, after attending a record-CD-DVD-computer-whatever sale in Ingolstadt, I did a little photo tour through the Klenzepark.

As usual also available as Flickr slideshow


IMG_6759 IMG_6764

IMG_6767 IMG_6763


IMG_6795 IMG_6814

IMG_6821 IMG_6813


IMG_6745 IMG_6717


IMG_6736 IMG_6739

IMG_6741 IMG_6775

IMG_6730 IMG_6785


IMG_6782 IMG_6786

IMG_6807 Springbrunnen IMG_6837 Vogel

IMG_6844 Seerose

IMG_6847 Seerose IMG_6849 Seerose

IMG_6851 Fisch

Projekt 52/25: 100 meters away from home

The next topic of Projekt 52

25: 100 meters away from home

Topic 25: 100 meters away from home

Measured with Google Earth, this somewhat picturesque little tower on the local Hotel Müllerbräu is exactly1 100 meters from my front door – directly at Pfaffenhofen’s Hauptplatz (main square). The freshly renovated town hall is also worth a look (but a few meters further away):

Rathaus IMG_3337 Hauptplatz IMG_3904

It was illuminated in blue and yellow on its re-inauguration celebration, see hier.


  1. as exactly as you can tell from not too sharp Google Earth photos and when the front door is a few meters behind the house front due to a small passage… []

Chimney for Show-offs


As often, the point of view is important…

Projekt 52/14: Doors & Gates

This week’s Projekt 52 topic is “doors & gates”, and here’s a current photo, less than 2 hours old:

14: Doors & Gates

Topic 14: Doors & Gates

The back door of Pfaffenhofen’s town hall, currently not really usable due to street construction work. Is that why it’s looking somewhat sad?

Projekt 52 topic 7: Monster [under the bed]

The topic of week 7 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

Monster under the bed

I’ll take the liberty to ignore the “under the bed” part – this house monster is simply too good:

Or a little lighter (depends on your monitor’s settings how it looks for you):

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