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Chimney for Show-offs


As often, the point of view is important…

Projekt 52/14: Doors & Gates

This week’s Projekt 52 topic is “doors & gates”, and here’s a current photo, less than 2 hours old:

14: Doors & Gates

Topic 14: Doors & Gates

The back door of Pfaffenhofen’s town hall, currently not really usable due to street construction work. Is that why it’s looking somewhat sad?

Projekt 52 topic 7: Monster [under the bed]

The topic of week 7 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

Monster under the bed

I’ll take the liberty to ignore the “under the bed” part – this house monster is simply too good:

Or a little lighter (depends on your monitor’s settings how it looks for you):

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Please smile

…despite all that snow:

Roof snow face

Ain’t it nice when the neighbor’s house smiles at you? But why the wrinkled nose?


Can it get any smaller?

13.6 m²

Translation: Upper level apartment 3: 4 rooms, 13.6 m² living space, 13 m² balcony

Apartments are getting smaller and smaller… but how do they cram 4 rooms in there?

Well, at least the balcony is almost as large!

Ad flyer Oct. 2008