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Projekt 52/14: Doors & Gates

This week’s Projekt 52 topic is “doors & gates”, and here’s a current photo, less than 2 hours old:

14: Doors & Gates

Topic 14: Doors & Gates

The back door of Pfaffenhofen’s town hall, currently not really usable due to street construction work. Is that why it’s looking somewhat sad?

Projekt 52 topic 7: Monster [under the bed]

The topic of week 7 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

Monster under the bed

I’ll take the liberty to ignore the “under the bed” part – this house monster is simply too good:

Or a little lighter (depends on your monitor’s settings how it looks for you):

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Please smile

…despite all that snow:

Roof snow face

Ain’t it nice when the neighbor’s house smiles at you? But why the wrinkled nose?


Can it get any smaller?

13.6 m²

Translation: Upper level apartment 3: 4 rooms, 13.6 m² living space, 13 m² balcony

Apartments are getting smaller and smaller… but how do they cram 4 rooms in there?

Well, at least the balcony is almost as large!

Ad flyer Oct. 2008

This is the rest


Alright, this is the last photo series from my Montreux holiday, a mixture of various topics.

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A look at the sky shows more cloud formations, a parhelion and a steaming sail boat: ;)

Montreux Montreux

Montreux Montreux

When sunny skies break through behind the clouds
I wish it could last forever…


A fork in the lake (thought these things only exist in roads…) in Vevey, in front of the Alimentarium, a food museum:

Vevey fork

A few buildings: My hotel, the Eden Palace au Lac, and the restaurant Le Palais Oriental:

Montreux Montreux

The Montreux Palace and the Grand Hotel:

Montreux Montreux

Congress center with Auditorium Stravinski and the old market hall:

Montreux Montreux

Through the old town, we reach a church, the late gothic Temple St-Vincent:

Montreux Montreux
Montreux Montreux

From its terrace we have a nice view of the lake and parts of the city:


Now quickly a few animals who also seem to enjoy the sun…

Montreux Montreux

…before we say farewell with a postcard view: