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Last Night and Today

Yesterday I didn’t catch too many lightnings with the camera, but there’s one nice photo:


(The stripes are from my fly screen.)

This is the little thunderstorm front that mostly passed in the south-east:



Projekt 52/14, 17, 19

A combination of three topics of Projekt 52.

14/17/19: Weather frog, Feathry, Green Hell

Projekt 52 Topic 14+17+19: Weather frog, Feathry, green Hell

The penguin was offered an alledgedly lucrative side job as weather frog – though that turned out to be badly paid, too deep in a “green hell” and with lackluster hygiene (how long has that feather been hanging there? And what happened to his predecessor??). Given that, it’s rather too polite that he declined the offer just saying “the ladder’s too small for me”…

Links and Videos of the Week (2010/29)


  • Astrophysicist Neil Tyson about UFOs and the argument from ignorance (via Astrodicticum):

Thunderbolt and Lightning

…not very frightening as long as they are far enough away. Looks more threatening than it actually was last Wednesday:

Blitze am Mittwoch 1

Blitze am Mittwoch 2

Blitze am Mittwoch 3

Blitze am Mittwoch 4

Addendum from Friday: Lightning was nicer, but only one good photo:


Sheet Lightning

Last night in south east direction:

Wetterleuchten 1

Wetterleuchten 2 Wetterleuchten 3