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Whatever you might have expected below this title, this is just a photo of the night before last of the full moon and clouds through which it peeked from time to time, with enhanced colors (and added blur to hide noise):

Vollmond und Wolken

This is the rest


Alright, this is the last photo series from my Montreux holiday, a mixture of various topics.

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A look at the sky shows more cloud formations, a parhelion and a steaming sail boat: ;)

Montreux Montreux

Montreux Montreux

When sunny skies break through behind the clouds
I wish it could last forever…


A fork in the lake (thought these things only exist in roads…) in Vevey, in front of the Alimentarium, a food museum:

Vevey fork

A few buildings: My hotel, the Eden Palace au Lac, and the restaurant Le Palais Oriental:

Montreux Montreux

The Montreux Palace and the Grand Hotel:

Montreux Montreux

Congress center with Auditorium Stravinski and the old market hall:

Montreux Montreux

Through the old town, we reach a church, the late gothic Temple St-Vincent:

Montreux Montreux
Montreux Montreux

From its terrace we have a nice view of the lake and parts of the city:


Now quickly a few animals who also seem to enjoy the sun…

Montreux Montreux

…before we say farewell with a postcard view:



On the Sunday of my Montreux holiday I went to Vevey, the city next to Montreux, because firstly, I expected better weather there, and secondly for the large flea market there (always an invitation to stroll around).

Quite a strong wind was blowing that day – wind and kite surfers probably liked it…

Vevey: Wind surfer Vevey: Kite surfer

…and the waves could let off some steam, too:

Waves in Vevey Waves in Vevey

Waves in Vevey

Projekt 52 And since these photos can easily be made to match this week’s topic of Projekt 52, “Poem interpretation” – a poem for a photo or a photo for a poem –, I’m using especially the last of the images above for this project, in combination with the poem “An den Mistral” (=”To the Mistral”)1 by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (see here in Projekt Gutenberg for its text – in German, of course).

Now let’s continue with the photos. In Vevey, I happened to come accross the final part of the Triathlon de la Riviera:

Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey Triathlon de la Riviera, Vevey

Participants, if you don’t want to see your photo here, just drop me a line.

And on the way back, there was a jet ski race at Clarens:

Jet-Ski race Montreux

Jet-Ski race Montreux Jet-Ski race Montreux
Jet-Ski race Montreux Jet-Ski race Montreux

  1. even though that’s not a Mistral at Lake Geneva []

Videos of the Week (2008/32)

Four videos this week…

Lightning in super-slowmotion (via Wissen belastet):

More of these here.

A lone swimmer at the Sydney Olympics… (via mlogger)

The mystic solution for computer problems! ;) (via Bad Astronomy)

Rhabarberbarberabarbarbier… oder something like that. :rotfl: (via Resistance Is Futile) – yes, German, but give it a try!

Cloud mountains art


The art of nature – created in a very simple way from the pale original photo from yesterday’s sunset (bottom left) with a little color/contrast correction; bottom right is a more reddish intermediate step (click to enlarge):

Wolkenberge Wolkenberge