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Digital sand art

…or just something for playing around for a while… Seen first at Geht mal gar nicht!, then at Blogwiese, and I thought, well, I’ll create some “art” myself with this virtual sand that you can let drop down in different colors at thisissand.com.

These were (after a first test) the results (click for large view):

thisissand 1 thisissand 2 thisissand 3

Added 4:27pm:
thisissand 4
(Looks somewhat better in that small picture.)

In their gallery, you can see more (and better) “paintings” (next to a lot of trivial ones)…


Billiards I just came back from playing pool billiards (with two others; the loser of a game paused for the next game) – and I won 8:3:1!

:tanz: :tanz: :tanz:

Just wanted to mention it briefly to express my joy. :mrgreen: If only it would work that well every time…


Like an elephant…

The scaffolding was removed recently from the department store that has been extended and received its new escalator in February, and so it shines in all its splendor – and, well, it somehow looks to me like an elephant with its tusks cut off:

house with trunk

Or what do you see? :bigsmile:

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