Reversed Baton

Or to phrase it differently: A questionnaire baton that gives the answers and you have to think about the questions, found in the Stöckchen-Blog (German, translated by me):

“Please question the following answers.”

Well, then, let’s start:

  • When was the first time you were driving a car yourself?
    1.) When I was one and a half years old. My parents were thrilled.
  • What things would you only do when naked?
    2.) Blog, drive bumper cars, hand out flyers in a pedestrian zone, grow beans on the balcony, tinker chestnut men, play polo, paint christmas pictures on chicken eggs, meet friends.
  • Where will you be awarded your next medal?
    3.) In Beijing.
  • You’re a lousy marksman, aren’t you?
    4.) Yes. When I last had a rifle in my hands, I had almost killed the man from the fairground.
  • How often do you stand up from your armchair/sofa?
    5.) About three or four times a year. Can’t do it more often, it’s too wearisome.
  • When did you last take a shower?
    6.) That’s been an eterníty ago. Ten or eleven years, I think.
  • What would you like to give to your local innkeeper?
    7.) The Nobel Prize in Economics.
  • Whose haircut do you like least?
    8.) Erm, I have to think a little longer here. Boris Becker maybe? Mahatma Gandhi? Ah, no, now I got it: Ursula von der Leyen.
  • When did you last have to read your electricity meter?
    9.) In October 2006.
  • To whom do you pass this baton on now?
    10.) Come on, I wouldn’t answer this question even to my best friend. Much less a complete stranger.

I repeat: The answers were given, the questions are mine. So if you want to take the baton, find your own questions.

I admit, only one of my questions truthfully matches the answer. :bigsmile:


  1. S

    … wärst Du weiblich, hätte ich gerne welche von Dir erhalten:
    [ Welche Tätigkeiten würdest du nur nackt machen?
    2.) … Werbezettel in der Fußgängerzone verteilen … ]
    Tja, dumm gelaufen! Ääähh nackt! *sfg* ;) 8)

  2. c

    Tja, Pech… Als Entschädigung gibt’s dafür drei halbnackte weibliche asiatische Schönheiten:

    Bild anzeigen ▼

  3. S

    … thx.
    Angkor. Watt??? *sfg* 8O

    In welcher FuZo würdest Du eigentlich aufschlagen? Hoffentlich nicht in der Vorweihnachtszeit. Das würde ja vielen die Geschäfte verhageln!! *;)

  4. c

    Hier vor Ort gibt’s keine FuZo, also such dir eine Stadt aus, in der ich dann… nicht zu sehen sein werde, da #2 gar nicht die Frage ist, die ich mit dem letzten Satz (“nur eine meiner Fragen passt wahrheitsgemäß zur Antwort”) meine – es muss sich also kein Ladenbesitzer fürchten :)

  5. e

    Haha sehr geil :-)

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