In Blog Post 2525

In blog post 25251
If the blog is still alive
If readers can survive
They may find…

In this week 29 (29!)
Of project Magic Monday, so fine
The topic is “similar” (see there)
So sing this similar song if you care

By blog post 3535
Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the feeds you read today

By blog post 4545
Ain’t gonna need your wits, won’t need your eyes
You will find all thoughts thought for you
Directly fed from Neuland to you

By blog post 5555
Your arms are hangin’ limp at your sides
Your legs got nothing to do
Some machine doing that for you

By blog post 6565
Ain’t gonna need no friends, won’t need no life
Fake pictures you never took
Is all you need to post on Facebook

By blog post 7510
If money’s coming it oughta make it by then
Advertisers look around and say
“Guess it’s time to stop the pay”

By blog post 8510
Alpha bloggers shake their mighty heads
They’ll either say “We’re pleased where you have been”
Or make you tear it down and start again

By blog post 9595
I’m kind of wondering if any blog’s gonna be alive
You’ve copied everything this internet can give
And you ain’t put back nothing…

Now it’s been 10,000 posts
Bloggers wrote a trillion boasts
For what they never knew
Now bloggers’ reign is through
But through all these update nights
The twinkling of your router’s lights
So very far away
Maybe it’s only yesterday…

In blog post 2525
If the blog is still alive
If readers can survive
They may find…

  1. und genau das ist das hier: der 2525. Beitrag in diesem Blog. Der Text ist natürlich stark an “In The Year 2525” von Zager & Evans angelehnt (» Video mit Text). Gut, genaugenommen hätte ich das in Beitrag Nr. 1969 schreiben müssen, damit’s eine komplette Zukunftsvision bleibt… []


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