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Poll of faith ended – Question of time

My previous little poll (on the right hand side in the sidebar) is now closed after the most important number of 42 participantsTeilnehmern – and among those of my visitors who spotted it and felt like participating, the atheists and agnostics (to combine them roughly) hold a slight majority:

Result of the poll "Do you believe in God?"

From now on, the new poll is online, appropriate for what will be done at the end of this month (yes, this month, some got it wrong at the end of September – don’t worry, I won’t tell any names :pfeif: ):

Do you like the daylight saving time clock change between summer and winter time? Or rather do away with it? But then, what time to keep – rather earlier bright and earlier dark, or later and longer bright?

So turn to the right (just in this browser window, what else did you think? :mrgreen: ) and vote…! :aufgehts:

Summer is coming!

As I have just been informed personally through intricate paths, the summer is finally arriving! Late, yes, but maybe it wants to put right what, let’s be honest, wasn’t that great in the past months.

So get ready, fish your bathing suits, T-shirts and shorts out of the back of your closets and rejoice!


Or was that really just a stupid spammer who can’t handle his software and tries to sell his weight loss rubbish with the in the northern hemisphere temporally inappropriate subject “Summer is almost here, be ready!”? No, really? :grin: