A lifetime of searching

All my life i’ve been searching for something. And now you found it, yoohoo! And here we are, right inside the next edition of search query analyses
(Search queries have a grey background; I added some commas for readability and capitalized some beginnings of sentences, but didn’t make them shorter or longer. And I translated the German ones.)

And then it hit me all at once when you left, i cant let you go, i keep trying but i cant, all i can say is i miss you. Do you know that only you can save me baby? Thank you, that really warms my heart. But I wasn’t away for long, anyway.

And we’re already in the right christmas mood, it’s christmas, give me all your moneybaby call me crazy but i know you feel it too, cause you look and you think and you see a— see what? Say it to my face, look me in the eyes and say what you have to say!

I just wanted to let you know, it don’t matter that you got nodidn’t doesn’t? Nevermind, again and again i’ve taken too much, and it’s all too much for your head to take, just a matter of time before you break. Go ahead, I can take a lot. Continue!

There’s a man that i think im gonna love forever, and forever we’ll be together. Great for you, but (1) i don’t mind, i don’t care, don’t you know that?, and (2) why are you telling Google?

By the way, be warned about too much partying with alcohol and nicotine: baby its the beer that’s smiling not me, there’s something wrong here, there’s something running in my mind, i can’t see with this smoke in my eyes, sometimes i party till 4, it’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door.

:kussrot: What games can you play with your lover inside the house? Monopoly? Chess? But there are better pastimes. :mrgreen: But first, better take off your coat, we’re inside the house. I’m gonna make your dreams come true tonight, blow out the birthday candles and make love. Well, it isn’t my birthday yet, but nevermind. ;) I just like my fun every now and then, no doubt how its gonna turn out.

Dont you wanna just fuck tonight, dont you wanna give it up tonight, i can make you feel so right i love it when your turning me on, we could fuck round and see this night true. I wanna fuck all night because baby i think your beautiful – I can even ignore the bad spelling, then… Wind it up and we can do it all night. Well, a night is long, some, erm, toys can surely bring a little variety – but battery-powered would be better than having to wind them up, I think.^^ Ah oo push it push it!

But you seem to be doing something wrong if you say there aint nothing but sweat inside my handif your going to make love to me baby you got to do it good!

?! 200 questions about me are too many. But I’ll try to answer a few questions:

Alex grief? I don’t know, ask him yourself.
Nadine’s panties: I know even less about these – I really don’t know her that well, I’m just reading her blog. ;)
cimddwc correct? Yes.
who wears diapers? Babies.
places michael jackson statue? He is supposed to get a statue???
have my lotto numbers been drawn some time? Maybe the big data collector Google really knows by now which lotto numbers you have been playing, but I certainly don’t.
pictures of my wife without panties: same as above.

Square numbers up to 10000: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 256, 289, 324, 361, 400, 441, 484, 529, 576, 625, 676, 729, 784, 841, 900, 961, 1024, 1089, 1156, 1225, 1296, 1369, 1444, 1521, 1600, 1681, 1764, 1849, 1936, 2025, 2116, 2209, 2304, 2401, 2500, 2601, 2704, 2809, 2916, 3025, 3136, 3249, 3364, 3481, 3600, 3721, 3844, 3969, 4096, 4225, 4356, 4489, 4624, 4761, 4900, 5041, 5184, 5329, 5476, 5625, 5776, 5929, 6084, 6241, 6400, 6561, 6724, 6889, 7056, 7225, 7396, 7569, 7744, 7921, 8100, 8281, 8464, 8649, 8836, 9025, 9216, 9409, 9604, 9801, 10000.

Will the sun ever loose it’s light? Yes. And I fear that orthography will be becoming even worse until then.
what can i bring to a dieing world? Better orthography!!
cant you see im a fool in so many ways? Yes, I can:
lotto hov many money you get whenn have 4 right? You can expect about 40.60 €, according to Wikipedia. I doubt it’s worth taking that to the bank of nordzypern, though.

God show me a sign! Well, how about: im gonna create my own religion, thats where the moneys at? What to do with the money, you ask? nothing’ but a good time buy kids.

Smilie by GreenSmilies.com

I dont know what youre looking for, you havent found it, baby, thats for sure. Bye! A stick a stone, its the end of the end.


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