Which saint is responsible for computers?

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesdo you hear me come on!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

which saint is responsible for computers?
Depending on your religious orientation, it’s either Saint Bill, Saint Steve or Saint Linus, of course.

telephone hypno mistress
Your mistress should order you not to call any expensive phone numbers anymore – as long as you’re an obedient slave, she won’t need any hypnosis.

airport phone number
There are at least as many as there are airports. If you can tell me how the weather in the valley is, I might help you further…

phone number of aliens
Nobody can help you there. Aliens don’t use phones, and not even Uri Geller can change anything about that.

shalosh uri is he crazy
You won’t get any contradiction from me here.

do lucky charms help
Certainly those who sell them – help in a financial way, at least.

lat it#s no
Ohn o. That’s beyond my power.

That’s easy: Ignore that feng shui stuff. No matter which ceiling, that’s certainly the best solution.

Your English is getting worse – and stop shouting. And why are you so obsessed with phone numbers anyway??

engel numerology
So we’re turning to a German-English mixture now? But this won’t work – regardless of the language.

“i am also confused” in german
That clearly shows.

German horoscopes in English
Why don’t you try original English horosopes first? Or those in Nahuatl, Swahili or Mongolian – no matter how good you speak those languages, you will be able to find just as much sensible content there.

lotto numbers crazy ideas for selection
Numerology, astrology, read tea leaves, prayers, whatever…

babie ahr nakd
Gezz thet happns.

my blog
No, this is my blog!

only 24 to da 25 just waiting to get my shit for xmas just cant wait to get my breakfast than open presant
You’re looking forward to receiving shit as christmas present?? :shake: How about an English school book instead?

the visitors is already 80 ? correct write english?
Ask your friend above, maybe he can help you if he gets his book.

wear thongs what’s great about it
Why don’t you just try for yourself?

nude grandpa browser
A browser for nude grandfathers? Guess the most important thing is that the XXX webcam chat works – the provider might help there; if in doubt, the IE should always work…

gramps sex under the bridge
No no, better stay inside where it’s warm at your computer with your webcam.

Is important. So we stop for today. Can’t you see, there’s a feeling that come over me?

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com


  1. A

    wonach die Leute alles so suchen … ob sie das dann auch finden, was sie suchen? :mrgreen:

  2. c

    Die wenigsten. :mrgreen:

    (Wobei es natürlich auch gewöhnliche Suchen gibt, die tatsächlich etwas Passendes liefern.)

  3. P

    Junge, Junge …! Da sind aber wieder mal ein paar Leute während der Google-Suche mit der Dachlatte bearbeitet worden.

  4. c

    Und mein Blog ist nur eine von unzähligen Websites – was da alles an Dachlattenschäden zusammenkommen mag…

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