Sorry I’ve got no head

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesare you serious, its show time baby here we go…

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

sorry i’ve got no head
That really seems to be true for some searchers – but knowing what’s wrong is a start for making things better, or so they say.

and it’s taking you so long to find out
Well, then hurry.

Quantum physics and the phenomenon of energetic family constellations
Aaargh! No, quantum physics can neither explain the phenomenon why energetic balderdash is so popular, nor does it cause any energetic balderdash!

why won’t fortuneteller know lottery numbers
Well, lotto numbers aren’t susceptible to cold reading, so the furtunetellers can only know things afterwards, as always.

lotto prognosis 3 march
Just a moment, I’ll have a look into my crystal ball… Ommmmmmm… Waaaaaaaaa… Lalalalaaaaa… Now I got it: On Tuesday, March 3, there’s no drawing [in Germany where this search was from].

englisch comment über advertising
Did you mean: German Kommentar about Werbung?

stay, you, better, hope, pray, that,you, make, it, some, day, back, to, your, own, world
That’s, from, the, lyrics, of, “Stay”, by, Shakespeare’s, Sister and, thank, you, for, the, commas they, may, come, in, handy, some, time!

who knows the song DUM DE DUM DUM DE DUM DUM
Sorry, I can only think about Yum dee dum dee dum and Dee do de de now.

Hey, calm down, I didn’t remember another song 8 minutes later!

stick a knife in your back, watch the black drip down your back
Ouch! But I don’t see anything, don’t have a mirror here. But I’d suspect that blood’s rather red.

Strange wish. And you won’t have success this way anyway, with shouting and without “please”.


power pole harmful
If you crash your car against it, certainly.

colors all look brighter
Really? During that dull weather? What did you take? (And do you have something left?)

latex little box to tick
I think little boxes drawn or printed on paper are easier to tick.

I want the uncensored images without panties
And who cares? Moreover, which photographer or photo service will send images together with panties?

what’s the doctor’s opinion on shaving pubic hair?
Dunno, just ask him. Better you show him right away – at least if he’s into members of your sex…

:bye: Alright, that’s it for today – remember: arguing about music is like fucking for sobriety.

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  1. t

    Bei dir suchen die Leute aber auch nach allmöglichem Mist! :) Obwohl, so blöd sind einige Ansätze vielleicht gar nicht, wenn man denn wüßte, was sich tatsächlich dahinter verborgen gehalten hat. Am bescheuersten sind im Moment auf meinem Blog die T-Online-Suchanfragen. Die Leute toppen sich eigentlich täglich mit dem, was sie im Web zu finden glauben.

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