If we don’t ask we’ll never know – Search queries in February

Check baby one twoI aint got no time to lose, all hell is gonna break down lose right here, everybody come and go with me!

:huhu: Welcome to the search queries that led visitors here in February. As before, the search queries have a grey background (usually not in the feed reader, though) – it really gets down to business again (use the “f word” once…), and as you can see, I hardly need to write anything myself anymore…
(I didn’t make the queries shorter or longer or up. I just translated the German ones.)

Hey you hey you i don’t give a fuck what you do, never give a fuck! – Then you stay away, pal, the others are enough for me: – hey mister can you tell me what this world’s about, it might just help me out. I got to say there’s something on my mind, I’ve been searching for some words. – You’re not the only one. Some day you’ll find everything you’re looking for, you’re gonna know if you keep on asking questions!

Why dont you turn your umbrella upside down, get down on your knees ask your mama for some cheese, and close your eyes and dance alone to the sound of a blind god? – You wanna tell me how to live my life?No no no i’ll do anything you say boy cuz if you ask me baby

Baby can you feel it cause i needyes what? – Baby can you see i need you now? Yeah you’ve got that something, I want to thank you everyday. – Then do it, maybe with a comment here in my blog, what about now? :mrgreen: Or, well, I need a woman to fuck me for free, I’d say to her close your eyes give me your hands do you feel my hard— but, well, that’s not for the public. You just take it that’s what you do. Its all good its all right, fuck all day fuck all night

By the way, great ass! Do you go without panties? Or do you rather want to wear 2 thongs? – latex slip man! – Alright, not bad either. ;)

I see you baby doing that thing, i see you and hope you see me too. Do you think about me now and then? Don’t you see were in this together, you and me one on one forever? Even better, a ménage à trois, you wanna fuck me you gotta fuck my friend too, cause she had a bad day; we will rock you, you know you wanna a a a a a aaaaaaa you will see.

I know it’s kind of late but what i’ve got to saythe way you get down and do itblow baby blow let’s get down and go, cause i got no doubt that i’ll get up again.

Well then, I educate your wife to be the O, and while all those monsters gettin’ together loving’ each other, you can write a letter forr mie teacher or intercept q making. Or find the prosieben, if you want. This is the end, but not the end of the world, yippee ki yay!


PS.: I vote, tomorrow at our local elections. You should too if there are elections at your place.


  1. jL

    Ui, da könnte man ganze Songs draus basteln (wie du das ja hier schon getan hast). Passt ganz gut zur Melodie des Songs, den ich gerade höre, lalalala.

    Am kreativsten finde ich die Anfragen im letzten Absatz :mrgreen:

  2. c

    Manche reimen sich so schön, weil es wohl wirklich Liedzeilen sind, schließlich kommen viele auf die Art auf meine Musikzitat-Übersichtsseite, oft quasi neu zusammengesetzt. :)

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