“Testing as”? “Teas sting”? But what is stinging tea? Or does Sting want some tea? “The ass thing” (*cough*) by someone who can’t pronounce a th? “Teasing St(reet)”? Will we ever know what this word from this dating scam mail is supposed to mean?

My name is peace.i saw your profile today at (www.clubafrika.com) and found you worthy to be mine as some one whom i can lay on his arms

Wait a sec, whose arms? Leave your pimp out of this, will you?!?

as long as love is concern, caring and teassting you all the nightlong, If you are interested in knowing more about me and for me to send you some pictures of mine, contact this:E-mail address.(peace4me_khalifa@yahoo.com) to hear from you,

Why don’t: you.(scammers) right away, erm, why don’t you scammers send the photos right away? That’d be an even better lure for all the lovesick guys stupid enough to reply to such mails.

Loving you forever

(The smilies are from Yahoo, and of course I checked that in the mail source before I let my mail program load them. According to the header, the mail has indeed been written with Yahoo Web Mail.)

The same text, also with other names – Queen (of all things…), loveth, morrin, jane, … – and other dating sites, can be found in numerous comments all over the net, as well as that email address, by the way.

Now if you think this is a travel cost or money laundering scam with nice love letters, you’re disappointed, for already in the second mail “she” hints at this being just another advance fee fraud promising millions of dollars – but more on that in a few days…

» Continued here…

2 Trackbacks

  1. J

    Tesa-String? 8O

  2. c

    Eine neue Unterwäsche-Mode? :P

  3. J

    Mode? Ich weiß ja nicht. Vielleicht eher ein Fetisch?

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