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praying statue Small ads have been a source for mystic-miraculous things before – and currently there’s a brief two-line ad in the Bayrisches Taferl (38/2008) that just contains the web address (“original Christian healing”) and “in 18 Sprachen” (“in 18 languages”).

Title of the website: “The Worldwide CENTER OF PRAYER AND HEALING BY FAITH of JESUS, the CHRIST”.

I really don’t want to get into the details of the website’s offers – including an “Emergency Service of the Long-Distance Healing by Faith”! – for it is basically just the usual fantasy notions of people believing in spiritual and distance healing, prayers, etc., though quite more mystic than I’d expect from Christians, and in this case it’s of course said to be the powers of Jesus and God that’s just channeled by the healers instead of originating from themselves. All that, by the way, for free, they just ask for donations.

:!: The essential point is, however, that these are not just your common commercial providers of mystic services, but instead – as can be seen on the site as well – a part of the “Universelles Leben e.V.” = “Universal Life”, the religious community of the self-proclaimed prophetess Gabriele Wittek. And they are no unknown people:

Translated quote from the info sheet of the Evangelischen Zentralstelle für Weltanschauungsfragen, the German Protestant center for ideological matters:


The Universal Life is a group that is commonly underestimated in its conflict potential. Mrs Wittek sees herself as the “absolute law” not just for her followers, but for the entire world. […] Drop-outs mentioned a “climate of fear and terror” in the community. […]

The Christian elements in the belief system of the UL are, without exception, distorted from their original character and merely a façade. […] The vast majority of followers, however, leave UL sooner or later, often only after years of membership, though. Quite a few who placed the “common good” of UL before their own good also financially, as is expected, ended up financially ruined. In isolated cases, the danger of severe mental harm might be expected.

More in German Wikipedia; the English version is short and lacks the criticism sections.

So it can’t be wrong to think twice before turning to this “Original Christian Healing” or its superior organization…

There’s one detail I’d like to go into, though: on the page “Worldwide Original Christian Healing Prayer for Animals and Nature”, they write, among other things:


  • Help stop the murder of people!
  • Help stop war against people!

Basically, there’d be nothing to say against that. But with prayers? :roll: Keep on dreaming.

  • Help stop the war in woods and fields, in slaughter houses and laboratories!

War in slaughter houses? Rump steak versus side of pork, or what? ;)

  • Do not eat the meat of your fellow creatures!

Since you’re referring to Jesus that much: Where does the bible tell its followers to be vegetarians? On the contrary, the “feeding of the 5000” included fish (Mt 14:14-21), and the Passover (preparation in Mt 26:17-19) always contains a paschal lamb, explicitly mentioned in German translations. Or does this point of view originate from your “prophetess”?

Given their wording, they theoretically should be opposed to animals eating their fellow creatures, i.e. other animals, too…

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  1. b

    Wird wieder einmal fremdgebetet? Wie schön.
    “Krieg in Laboratorien”? Werfen die da mit Reagenzgläsern oder greifen sie gleich mit dem Bunsenbrenner an?

    Keine Tiere totmachen und Christentum geht ja überhaupt nicht:
    Es war immerhin der biblische Herr namens Gott, der Abels Opferlamm ansprechender fand als die Getreidegarben seines Bruders Kain.

    In der Bibel wird andauernd geschlachtet und gemampft. Selbst die Hostie in der Kirche ist “nehmet hin, dies ist mein FLEISCH” und der Messwein “dies ist mein BLUT”. Und da geht es sogar um den Verzehr von jemand, der unter den Begriff “Leute” zu zählen ist. Dat Jesulein wird zwar gern Lamm Gottes tituliert, war aber doch wohl kein Schaf, so die Figur überhaupt je existiert haben sollte. Ich weiß es ja nicht, aber ich sage immer: “Das ist ja schließlich nur ein Buch!”, und nach der Lektüre des Silmarillions habe ich auch nicht angefangen, Bäume für heilig zu halten.

    Grund genug für mich, nicht in Kirchen zu gehen, wenn da Veranstaltungen laufen – ich ekle mich leicht, und hey, nach solchen Sprüchen schmeckt einem doch der sonntägliche Schweinebraten nicht mehr!

  2. c

    Als “Urchristen” können sie sich ja nach Belieben von den ganzen Kirchen und ihren Riten distanzieren, und im Zweifelsfall kann die “Prophetin” im eigenen Hause ja schnell mal die überlieferten Geschichtchen “korrigieren”… praktisch, oder? :)

    (Übrigens: Kommentarmoderation ist bei diesem Beitrag aus rechtlicher Vorsicht aktiviert.)

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