O wenn du Sens go marching in

O wenn du sens go marching in / O Lordi wonnt Tubi in that Number – but if then with letters! Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queries

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

cell phones appel i cell how march
Well, I don’t bye, no matter what praise.

show naked lake
There are quite a few photos among my Montreux photos that show the lake without any clothes on. Enjoy!

porn movie for free
Could have watched a few in my hotel in Montreux, the room price included all entertainment offers (internet, music, movies). Well, that won’t help you know, I guess…

“ice cream”] photo] erotic]
[Sorry, [I [got “none of these”.

Bilder old Grandmother Sex
Fotos von old frauen in Höschen
Tut mir sorry, sowas have I auch nicht.

hot girls cleaning yellow hammer
Erm… huh? That’s quite a specific fetish you got there; won’t find something you like too often, I guess.

from mini thong to nothing at all
That’s called undressing.


But not without my silk panties
Hmm, you have to make up your mind – nothing at all and silk panties at the same time is impossible.

no panties please
Sorry – I just can’t ignore these search requests.

slap on the panties
Good idea. Oh, is that why “no panties” is so popular?

the fly in the panties
Isn’t that annoying? Or cruelty to animals?

“now just thongs”
Yeah, that’s the solution!

where can thongs be worn
Well, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on the head or as socks, for instance.

i wear thong of wife,
i wear thongs man
Alright, you could say that a bit more friendly if you absolutely have to tell everybody, man!

enter spa with thong
…and leave with baggy swimming trunks? Then you mixed something up when you put your clothes on again afterwards.

Can i tag along tonight, we’ll kill some time it looks like you might need a little company I let go, but there’s just no one that gets me like you You are my only my only one Here I go so dishonestly Leave a note for you my only one And I know you can see right through me So let me go and you will find someone I remember the look in your eyes, When I told you that this was goodbye You were begging me not tonight, Not here, Not now. We’re looking up at the same night sky And keep pretending the sun will not rise When all our tears have reached the sea Part of you will live in me Way down deep inside my heart The days keep coming without fail A new wind is gonna find your sail Thats where your journey starts Youll find better love Strong as it ever was Deep as the river runs Warm as the morning sun Please remember me. . ….[expand]
NO! Please don’t expand this any further! Please!

heating according to moon calendar
I’d rather turn on my heating according to temperature. No matter how astrology-deluded I’d be.

calculate as cendent
…that you won’t get far as astrologer if you don’t even know the basic technical terms.

:bye: That’s enough for today, bye, and remember, it is a natural fact cause im dressed like a cat!

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  1. b

    (wischt die Lachtränen von der Tastatur)
    Jetzt hätte ich mir fast vor Lachen in die Buxe gemacht …

  2. c

    Wenn du wüsstest, wieviele Taschentücher ich beim Sichten und Beantworten der Suchanfragen für meine Lachtränen verbraucht habe…

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