Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesthe world is right, the air is light, i’m like a baby

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

Why would you want someone to tune your fur and even tell you about it?

prophecy 2009/2012

2012 what do Christians say
2012. Especially Christians will hardly call that year anything but 2012. Jews may say 5773 and Muslims 1434.

Zugspitze 2012
No, 2962 meters (Germany’s highest mountain).

in Mars year 2009 more boys born
Wait until the year is over, how should anyone know that in advance? Alright, there may be crackpots who believe they can astrologically say something, but, well, they’re crackpots.

dream numerology number 36
Yes, numerology is just like dreaming, detached from reality. (Except there are real people believing it, that is.)

can’t find nina hagen documentary
Hey, be glad about that!

lotto numbers of tomorrow question to the universe
Better question to the universe: Intelligence for tomorrow?

can magic reveal the right lotto numbers.for 14 05 2009 year
Magic can predict nothing.For any year.

Just check Lotto.de.

lotto numbers almost always drawn
which lotto numbers were repeated in the same combination in the past 5 years
Oh, you expect Google to answer a long question right away? Anyway, all drawings for all decades are available at the lotto companies, so enjoy your useless analysis…

christina aguiler AND hER RÉSUMÉ
Don’t shout – but who’s interested in her résumé anyway?

my aunt was naked
I think everyone was naked at some time. So what?

without panties blog
You’re at the right place, my blog’s got no panties on. (Which also means that all visitors have to remove their underwear beforehand!)

video preview without panties
What I just said also applies here.

looking for tight swim tanga panties
Maybe look at my readers’ (who obey aforementioned rules).

(sexy or erotik or erotic) nature
Ohh, yes, nature is very sexy – if I only think about all these many brooks I’m getting all wet! Or is that because I just fell into one?

what’s the name of the video 1man 1 cup?
Counterquestion: What’s the name of John Public?

USB stick on Amstrad CPC
Ahh, that brings up nostalgic feelings… (But I don’t know if there are USB extensions for the CPC.)

And finally: What neither URLs nor sensible search requests look like:
www.i fuk my mother-in-law.de
www borno de
www hart kohr vidios de
www mail .r

:bye: Alright, that’s it for… what, another one? I got no more time.

Just one word
Fine, then. And which word?

Very funny. But you’re right. Bye, that’s it for this time, and remember: Now I’ve told you this once before: you can’t control me.

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com


  1. M

    *Slip nach vorne wirft*

  2. SB

    Ich glaub, jeder war schon irgendwann mal nackt. Und?

    Haha :lol: gute Antwort!

    Da bist du hier richtig, mein Blog hat keinen Slip! (Was übrigens auch bedeutet, dass alle Besucher ihre Unterwäsche vorher ausziehen müssen!)

    Ach du Scheiße, jetzt hab ich aber meinen Schlüpfer angelassen. Komm ich jetzt ins Gefängniss?

  3. w

    Na, HERZLICHEN Dank für die vielen Überweisungen :evil:

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