I believe there’s more

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesthat’s because im broken minded.

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

i believe there’s more
Yes, of course there are much more search requests than I’m presenting here, but who’d want to read all the boring or always identical ones anyway? I’m even worried this could be too much here…

set back the when
The? The what? The search requests? They are forever stored on the internet, there’s no “setting them back”. Or the when= The when does it automatically. Or the clock? Late October (in Europe).

Yay, another one!

get something for free
What exactly?

cont with har
Shayvd is pretier.

flirting with 20
With 20 at the same time? Speed dating? But that’s just one after another. Maybe try during the team photo before a women’s soccer match.

pdf/horny panties
No, neither panties can be sent electronically as PDF, nor is PDF an ideal file format for images.

i want uncensored photos of christina aguilera
Really? I can see inside you, the sickness is rising!

my wife likes to present herself naked to visitors
Where are you living? Please always specify an address with search requests like these!

An old man turned ninety-eight
Nice for him, doesn’t happen too often. But Google won’t care about this fact. Unless you specify his name, that is.

Yeah, I got it, stop screaming!

what’s the song after Hush
Depends – which band, Deep Purple? Which concert? Which album? Which radio station?

telepathy with flies?
Ooh, be careful, maybe the flies happen to be more intelligent than you and start controling you!

plants healing symbols
Awww, are the poor symbols sick? Get well soon!

Feng Shui numerology des hausnummer
That’s the selbe Müll wie die Numerologie of the house number.

mystical meaning of the new moon in March
The same as the religious meaning of a full moon on Christmas: Make something up, then that’s valid for you and anyone you’re teaching it.

belief in the almighty energy
No offence, but that sounds a little insane. What could we do about it?
tied up in the straitjacket
Well, you don’t have to overdo it. But a phychologist or -iatrist wouldn’t hurt.

anti demon formula
4⋅Σn=0 (-1)n/(2n+1)

Finally the often used category “what do neither URLs nor search queries look like” again:
www mei onleinspiele ne
.nun porno.com
www.porn hup@.de
www.youtou porno .de free
men wear thongs too.com
www.lotto zahlen 30 numbers
www.mit Umfragen viel geld verdienen.de
www.lottoglückszahlen per horoskop.de

:bye: And that’s it with this week’s search request – bye, and remember: take me…be there…ever since light….never make us stronger…say you’ll be there…light my way…stay alive!

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com


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    ich glaube, ich muss bei mir auch mal so eine kathegorie aufmachen. unbegreiflich, wonach alles so gesucht wird. mein hit diese woche war: kann man teer rauchen?

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