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The B-side of the Day (23.1.)

Singles The second post in this little series about relatively unknown Queen songs, this time “I Go Crazy” – » unofficial still-image video here –, B-side of the “Radio Ga Ga” single that was released today 25 years ago, on 23 January 1984.

It contains somewhat funny lyrics with self-references:

I took my baby dancing – to see a heavy band
But I never saw my baby ’til the encore
She had the singer by the hand
So I ain’t gonna go and see the Rolling Stones no more
I don’t wanna go and see Queen no more no more

Postman, gas man etc. as rivals would still be okay for the narrator, but that she left him for a rock’n’roller?? — See the entire lyrics at LyricWiki.

And if you also want to see the video of the “slightly” better known A-side: This way. Or take the extended version (unofficial video) right away.

The B-side of the Day (17.1.)

Singles A new, irregular series of posts that will of course focus on Queen… (Due to unclear legal issues, I won’t embed the songs here but just link to them – they are only one click away, anyway.)

Lily Of The Valley” was the B side1 of the Queen single “Now I’m Here” which was released this day 34 years ago, on 17 Jan 19752 – » here’s a “video” with the lyrics. (The “had” at the beginning is from the line “Baby you’ve been had” of the song before – both are blended. Unfortunately I didn’t find a better version (with lyrics) online.)

A and B side together can be heard here, and here’s a live version from late 1974 of “Now I’m Here”.

Opinions on this series (and the song selection) explicitly wanted. :)

Photo: clix/sxc

  1. yeah, that was back then when music was still sold on large, usually black vinyl discs that had music on both sides… []
  2. I’ll usually use the UK release dates here []