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picture riddle

Picture riddle 5

What is this detail from?

picture riddle 5

Somehow I was afraid that this is again too easy… seems it wasn’t? :mrgreen:

Hint: I’ll show more:

picture riddle 5 (more)

The solution, essentially solved by Dee: :clap: a coffee/espresso machine:

Bilderräddsel 5 Lösung

Danke fürs Mitmachen!

Picture riddle 4

Last one quickly solved, so here’s the next:

What is this detail cutout from?

Bilderräddsel 4

(Red again…)

And solved again by Dee, even though she didn’t really believe it herself:

A road sign with provisional mounting.

Congratulations! :clap:

Bilderräddsel 4 Lösung

And thanks a lot to all participants! :itsgood:

Picture riddle 3

Crunchi wanted more riddles, so here you are:

What is this detail cutout from?

Bilderräddsel 3

Just don’t think I’ll always fulfill your wishes that quickly. :bigsmile:

Just asked, already solved, again by Dee: a pair of shoes :clap:

Bilderräddsel 3 Lösung

Picture riddle 2

What is this detail cutout from?

Bilderräddsel 2

Shouldn’t be that hard…

So, what do you think?

The solution, guessed by Dee (with a little preparation by Jenni and a few hints by me):

An angel! :clap: :clap:

Bilderräddsel 2 Lösung

Thanks for participating! :thumbsup: