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picture riddle

Picture riddle 1

I admit, sometimes I steal copy seize ideas from other bloggers… :mrgreen: (‘cos they’re good!)

This time a little picture quiz: What is this?

Bilderräddsel 1

Yes, alright, it’s an image file showing a slightly blurred clipping from a photo of something. But of what, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer… But I digress. :P Suggestions (for the riddle, not for my digression)? :)

The solution, guessed by juliaL49: a parking garage. :clap:

Specifically, the parking garage of the Neue Messe Stuttgart above the autobahn. Here’s the full photo (from the corridor between the two parts) – the clipping is from the upper right corner:

picture quiz 1 solution