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March 1 – meteorological beginning of spring…

The birds chirp and tweet…
Trees and flowers start to sprout…
A gentle breeze is in the air…

Then I woke up.

The storm blows, thunder and lightning, sleet patterig against the windows, and after it calmed down a little, it’s “only” snowing.

snow 1.3.2008

I should go back to bed and continue to dream.

Design change

Yes, I, too, changed my blog’s design a little – I had grown tired of all that pale blue in the background, and the “doodling” and christmas cliparts had to go to. As well as the snow, which is the only thing I’m missing a little…

:photo: But now, there’s one random photo out of three four per month in the upper right corner.*

For comparison: This is how it looked before:

Screenshot old

or like this before christmas:

Screenshot christmas

and now like this:

Screenshot new

If something’s not working yet, or if you have any opinions or suggestions, just tell me…

* Even as atheist, I can show “seasonal” photos with nativity scenes etc., can’t I? ;)