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BP 25 Jahre CDI almost forgot that I wanted to participate in this (German) blog parade from 49 Suns – well, it’s a suitable day, though one sun would be enough now…

:musik: So these silver discs exist for 25 years now, their size allegedly caused by the duration of Beethoven’s Ninth… among my first CDs in spring 1989 were some House/Sample Beats works à la Hithouse, House Sound of Chicago etc. – yes, I used to listen to things like that at that time, and my first double CD sampler “Blastmaster Radio: The Best of the Sample Beats” is still one of my favorites in this(!) genre; there are, however, also some that belong among the most embarrassing CDs, and I’m moving in the vast field of rock for quite some time now, anyway…

:rocks: But also Queen used to be on my CD shelf back then, and I was glad that CDs show no wear like vinyl (by the way, I didn’t even have a record player then) or especially tapes, because the “I Want It All” maxi CD was playing veeeery often. And though I can’t pick a single one as my favorite CD, my extensive Queen CD collection – maxi, album, live, bootlegs, promo, cover; group and solo – is certainly the most dearest in my CD cabinet. It includes some gems that are among the rarest CDs of Queen & solo: maxi CDs from The Cross (Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s solo project), some of which I got for just 1-2 DM in a second-hand store, one of which, however, I later spent over 100 DM Euro for…

And today? Thanks to Rockantenne, I don’t even have much time to listen to CDs at all. :tongue:

(General note, by the way: it’s CDs, not CD’s!)

Update: JuliaL49 has evaluated the posts of the 19 participants and also listed all the mentioned CDs.

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  1. jL

    Danke fürs Mitmachen :-)

    Und doppelt Danke, dass ich dadurch deinen Blog gefunden habe :-D

    Die Kategorie “seltenste” gab es noch nicht – sehr gut. Und über 100DM ist zwar ordentlich, aber noch vertretbar, finde ich.

  2. c


    Ich muss mich korrigieren, das mit den 100 war schon im Euro-Zeitalter…

  3. jL

    Diese teure CD, war das die Life Changes? (bin grad bei der Auswertung)

  4. c

    Nein, Life Changes war diejenige, die ich damals noch am billigsten bekommen hatte: für 1 DM :) – die teure war Final Destination; zusammen mit Liar sind diese m.W. die drei wertvollsten CD-Singles von The Cross.

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