When you’re already annoyed by the demolition work across the street – the old Amberger cinema, later “Ilmgau-Großmarkt” and part of the department store, part of the building group which I had shown before for the Projekt 52 topic “Contemporary witness” – (German newspaper article), you can at least try to make the best out of it: a few photos ;) (click for larger versions):

Poke here a little…

Klickeradoms 1.1

…push there a little…

Klickeradoms 1.2

…and away with this obstructive construction.

Klickeradoms 1.3

Now it’s time for the wooden ventilation shaft!

Klickeradoms 1.4

Oops, only the front part came loose…

Klickeradoms 1.5

But now!

Klickeradoms 1.6

Away with it…

Klickeradoms 1.7


Klickeradoms 1.8

…the next section falls!

Klickeradoms 1.9

And now the last section of the roof, shown in photos with a little over 1 second between (the camera made more, of course, but I don’t want to overdo it too much here…):

Klickeradoms 2.1 Klickeradoms 2.2 Klickeradoms 2.3 Klickeradoms 2.4 Klickeradoms 2.5 Klickeradoms 2.6 Klickeradoms 2.7 Klickeradoms 2.8 Klickeradoms 2.9

It kept hanging like this for a while until the “claws” tore at it once more…

PS: The post title “Klickeradoms!” is a German sound word invented by Dr. Erika Fuchs, the great German Disney translator, for objects falling down, hitting the ground and usually breaking into pieces. Isn’t that prettier than e.g. the usual “Thud!” in English? :mrgreen:

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