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Net (part) On 17 June at 01:43, a “nice” mail arrived from a Daniel Kagan from a pretended “Domains Alert Service” (domainsalertservice.com): “cimddwc.com for the owner of cimddwc.net” – and I wasn’t the only one. Its content:

Lately, we obtained cimddwc.com for our development plans.

Oh, right, great plans you got there, you spammer.

But, as you are the owner of .net, we first decided to let you know of an opportunity to acquire this valuable .COM.

Domains Alert Service is an engine specialized in search of domain names related to our customers’ business.

That is, trying to squeeze money out of them for nothing they couldn’t do without you.

We assist our clients to be professionally promoted on the Internet by other measures too (Search Engine Optimization, etc.)

There are several reasons why you should own a .com version of your domain and among them the following: […]
– .com indicates reliability and professionalism.

Then why do you use a .com address?

[…] If you have any interest in securing this domain, please act quickly, as we will not be interested in selling it once our development team starts working with it.

Whatever you‘d actually do with such a silly domain name…

Next mail 11 days later:

The price for cimddwc.com has decreased

Recently, we made an offer to you to purchase the domain cimddwc.com. As we found no need in this domain,

Oh, really?

we are ready to sell it to you for the price we’ve got it for.

Click here to buy cimddwc.com for $50!

Sorry if you haven’t bought it for any other reason than price and this message is of no use for you.

As others also mentioned, such as there at fanboygeeks (especially in the comments), this guy doesn’t even register the domains in the first place.

But, well, I think it might be not that bad to acually have cimddwc.com, so I indeed registered it – not from that spammer, of course, but through a local registrar, for less than half of his last “offer”.

domainsalertservice.com, by the way, now displays “The requested domain is no longer available for purchase. We apologise for the inconvenience.” for this specific domain. Now exactly which inconvenience is he talking about…?

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  1. jL

    Na wird bald dein Weltumspannendes Lottofee-Astrocim-Imperium gestartet?!?

    Hattest du die com-Domain schon vor der ersten Mail registriert oder erst danach?

  2. c

    :psst: Das weltumspannende Imperium läuft doch schon die ganze Zeit im Verborgenen.

    Die .com-Domain hab ich erst hinterher registriert – der Spammer wird einfach einige .net-Domains automatisch durchgegangen sein, deren .com-Pendants noch frei waren (was ja andernfalls nicht gegangen wäre).

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  10. c

    Now that’s a stupid spammer – seven simple comments on the same post. :shake:

  11. a

    have you ever heard that just click your mouse and read this page and you will know the importance of it.

  12. c

    Hey, “alvin”, piss off with your stupid spam comments! :evil:

    (Your spamvertised URL has been blacklisted now anyway.)

  13. J

    Damit erklimmt er aber rapide die monatlichen Kommentatoren-Charts :-D Benutzt du kein Spam Karma – wenn nein, warum nicht und was dann?

  14. c

    Ich hab Akismet – meistens funktioniert das ja ganz gut… in diesem Fall muss es wohl eine ganz neue beworbene URL gewesen sein.

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