I’m bending down

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriescall me darling and dont wory about today

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

i’m bending down
What for?

“my brain is not that good”
I see. Well, bending down won’t change that, but it allows for other activities.

three naked girls eating ice cream
Well, a local seasonal ice cream parlor just re-opened, but I also saw people in clothes there today. In too warm clothes, given the 12°C.

queens of panties
What now, naked or with panties?

you will take off your panties,
TV without panties!
Alright, if I have to – one moment please.

And I’m bach, and the TV’s also on. At least this answers the question “do i have to wear a thong?“, I guess.

panties naked
Yes, my underpants are lying there on the floor all naked. Do you want me to dress them somehow?

Do you or not?

Hello? I’m waiting for yours answer! don’t you want me anymore?

come on take the others
Fine, then on to the next topic:

what does elisabeth tessier say about the economy criesis
She says: There’s an “e” too much and an “i” too few in her name (Teissier).

which saint for what
Just make something up. That’s just as effective as any other combinations.

2009 cosmic change
Neither cosmic nor comic.

using enery zones in the body to find out what is wrong with patients
When patients put their trust in energy zones, that’s just what’s wrong with them.

is spiritual healing expensive
Even free spiritual healing were too expensive.

Homeopathy for dark thougts about the future
Hmm, I’d recommend sugar to lighten up your feelings. That is, sugar dissolved beyond recognition in sugar balls, that has to be effective!

waning moon 2009 dates
Sorry, no dates available to make an appointment, please try again next year.

And finally: What neither URLs nor sensible search requests look like:
www.hup porn
www.männer porno.de kostenlos
www frauen ohne höschen .de
serbische hexe.npage.de
www.then enxt uri geller.de
www.Uri Geller Liveexperiment zum anschauen.de

:bye: Bye, that’s enough unnecessary questions for girls for today; Next time I’ll try it another way. Or I won’t.

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com


  1. O

    Erstaunlich wie viele Menschen nach Höschen oder Höschen-verwandten Dingen suchen. Besonders gelungen finde ich “Queens of Höschen” das wäre doch ein prima Name für eine Altnernative-Rock-Band. :mrgreen:

  2. http://www………net/?uid=… bitte guckt euch das mal an sie hatt es verdient

    • c

      Du hast doch nicht wirklich geglaubt, ich würde deinen Link zu einer dämlichen zu Massenverlinkung aufrufenden Sexseite stehen lassen?

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