English Sentence with It

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesBad Move! You’ll pay for it. Oh you’re going DOWN!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

english sentence with it
It’s it!

all flowers colors with names in english
Sorry, I don’t have enough space for this here.

list of all musicians of the year 2008
Sorry, I don’t have enough space for this here.

Germanmen names for baby
Pardon?? Who’s gonna call his baby “Germanmen”?

“which number is next”
2. Anyone dare contradict?

I’ve been watching you from over here…What am i supposed to do
Now what could that be other than:
take off your panties!
Which takes us to our standard topic…

looking for cool print for panties
Well, dunno – all prints I’ve seen on panties in shops were rather boring and pointless, and the main goal of panties is to take them off, isn’t it?

convert to thong
That’s easy: Take a brief and cut away everything that doesn’t belong to a thong.

boys survey do you wear boxers of briefs
If you want to believe my poll, almost everyone wears thongs…

free noor das porn pic
Noor das? Is that a name? Doesn’t sound too sexy.

the understandable panty
That’s one with a textual print on it?

woman meter reading nude
I don’t think there are women with counters showing how often they were nude.

why do i get no respect
Respect is something you earn. Seems you got problems with that – if your searches play a role in this…?

numerology quality of the day
Every day the same. Numerology is the same nonsense every day.

naked at the spiritual healer
Well, why not? Maybe he’ll provide the proper back/forth or up/down vibrations…

should i diet on a full moon
No way! Full moon = full stomach! Anything else would be bad for your lunar karma!

And some more of the non-URL-non-search queries:
www. a thong is good for the ass
www.i fuk my motherinlaw.com
www.PORN (hup).de
http://www. porn.hup.//
www.Fraun Pono.de
www.who wears diapers.de
Dieter de Broers.de
www.lotto lucky numbers per horoscope.de
www.per horoskop lottoglückszahlen.de
www.i was in the afterlife documentary.com

:bye: Bye, that’s it for this week – remember: HeLL iTS EmpTY. aLL tHe DeVILs R hERE…OoH yes They ArE!

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com

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