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Appropriately for the bunny celebrations – since the bunny and its eggs are obviously adored by many people, you see more bunny and eggs decorations than crossy portrayals of violence – Pabuca’s topic is “religion”.

Religious indoctrination from a young age – popular with church leaders since it would be bad for the number of their sheep if children were not taught absurdities as self-evident and true, but would learn to really think for themselves…

Kinder-Kirche IMG_4715 copy

And if a different variation of absurdities “spreads” – that is if one mosque (this one here currently under construction) “squeezes” itself “along” with the many christian churches to the edge of town -, that of course means the downfall of the occident to some…

Moschee IMG_4791 bw-montage

(purely black-and-white version)

At any rate, churches around here are usually older than mosques – centuries may pass before some inscriptions are made, and that’s already centuries in the past:

Kircheninschrift IMG_4812 copy

(this church in German Wikipedia)

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