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Of Mice and Paris Hilton

Who would have thought that Paris Hilton can actually reduce pain?

Male mice, at any rate, as Canadian scientists have found out, apparently react to the presence of people – or even just photos of people, including one of Paris Hilton in the tests – with stress, because they seem to see them as a threat (similar to cats), which reduces pain.

Female mice, however, do not react that way. (What might my female readers think of that…?

Source: ScienceNOW (via Wissenschaft.de)

A Whale in 654 megapixels

Whale in 654 MP To be marveled at in this Flash animation of the WDCS = Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

Luckily, you don’t get all 44032×14848 pixels at once, but only a small detail at a time, whose tiles are loaded dynamically. In total, for a typical monitor resolution of 96 dpi, this results in a picture with a total length of 11,65 meters – a little small for a Blue Whale who has, according to Wikipedia, an average length of 26m, but still remarkable and – if it’s a smaller, younger animal – quite life-sized…

(via admartinator.de)