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Music Quiz 31

Welcome to the latest music picture riddle… let’s start right away:

1.) Which band name is this?

Musik-Quiz 31.1

16 Aufrufe in 20 Minuten und noch kein Kommentar? Angst zu raten (traut euch!) oder Warten auf den ersten Tip? ;)

Alright, here’s the easier version of the rebus:

Musik-Quiz 31.1a

Gelöst von Pierre Markuse: In Extremo (In X Tremao)

2. Welcher Song-Titel (von wem) ist das?

Musik-Quiz 31.2

Gelöst von Pierre Markuse: Rock’n’Roll Train von AC/DC.

3. Welcher Song-Titel (von wem) ist das?

Musik-Quiz 31.3

Auch gelöst von Pierre Markuse: Ba-Ba-Banküberfall von der EAV (Bank über [Wasser]fall).

Das war’s dann auch schon für heute, danke fürs Mitmachen, bis nächsten Dienstag…

Music Quiz 30


Welcome to the new music quiz after the little break – this time I’ve got something new for you again: the question is Which doesn’t fit in the row?

Example: Brown Sugar — Eight Days a Week — Get Off of My Cloud — Start Me Up
Solution: Eight Days a Week is a Beatles song, not from the Rolling Stones like the rest

Some of the following riddles may be easy, some quickly to be solved with Google or Wikipedia, some are rather special – let’s see how well you fare. :)

So let’s start: What does not fit in the row? And why?

1.) Help! — Ticket to Ride — Yellow Submarine — Yesterday

Tip: Album…
Gelöst von Pierre: Yellow Submarine ist nicht vom Album “Help”.

2.) Ich+Ich: So soll es bleiben — Kid Rock: All Summer Long — Schnuffel: Kuschel-Song — OneRepublic/Timbaland: Apologize
Tip: Charts…
Gelöst von Pierre: Ich+Ich war kein Nr.1-Hit in Deutschland.

3.) Kings Of Leon — Queen — The Dandy Warhols — Weird Al Yankovic
Tip: Song…
Gelöst von David: Kings Of Leon haben keinen Titel, der das Wort “Bohemian” enthält.

4.) Back In Black — Rock’n’Roll Train — Touch Too Much — T.N.T.
Tip: Album…
Gelöst von Sebastian: Das (neue) Album, auf dem Rock’n’Roll Train ist, gibt’s noch nicht zu kaufen.

5.+6.) Bonfire — Helloween — Rammstein — Warlock
    Looking for two answers here.
Tip: In beiden Fällen ist dieselbe Band die Lösung (aus 2 verschiedenen Gründen)…
Gelöst von Sebastian: bei Warlock singt eine Frau; und der zweite Punkt war, dass es Warlock nicht mehr gibt, wobei ich ein paar Festivals vor ein paar Jahren aber nicht berücksichtigt hatte.

7.) Blind Guardian — Bonfire — Hammerfall — Helloween
Hinweis: Sebastians Vorschlag, Bonfire machen Hardrock statt Power Metal, ist hier nicht gemeint.
Gelöst von Sebastian: Hammerfall (nicht aus Deutschland, sondern aus Schweden)

8.) Bushido — Eminem — Samy Deluxe — Sido
Gelöst von Pierre (25 Sek. vor David): Eminem (ist nicht aus Deutschland).

9.) Anastacia — Cheap Trick — Fleetwood Mac — Whitney Houston
Davids Idee eines nicht selbstbetitelten Debütalbums von Anastacia war nicht schlecht, aber nicht ganz das, was ich gemeint hatte…
Tip: …aber die Idee war nicht schlecht…
Gelöst von David: Anastacia hatte keine zwei selbstbetitelten Alben.
Siehe auch engl. Wikipedia: List of musicians with multiple self-titled albums

10.) Another One Bites The Dust — Now I’m Here — Radio Ga Ga — We Are The Champions
Tip: Album…
Gelöst von Pierre: Radio Ga Ga war nicht auf Greatest Hits I.

Das war’s, danke fürs Mitmachen, bis nächste Woche zu (höchstwahrscheinlich) den Bilderrätseln…

Photo: Jason Stitt – Fotolia.com

The new adult education center program

Feng Shui compass…”of course” also contains in Pfaffenhofen a few, how should I say, scientifically and by common sense not really kosher topics.

For instance, there are four Feng Shui courses – before we’ll have a closer look at these, here’s a quick quiz (please don’t cheat by looking at the course links below):

Which categories are these Feng Shui courses offered in?

  • Science and technology (50%, 1 Votes)
  • Medical topics - natural healing (50%, 1 Votes)
  • Psychology (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Ecology (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Hobby & co. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Health forum (0%, 0 Votes)

Votes total: 2

Loading ... Loading ...

Update: Not too many voters… well, they use the category ecology! (Probably because the first Fen Shui course they ever offered had been for the garden.)

The offered classes (everything in my translation):

These fees are quite low – since the adult education center (VHS) offers this mystic-laden hodgepodge – with scientifically untenable “cosmic energies” and other stuff – the two “counselors” who lead the classes (one the first, another the other three) will reach potential new customers this way who quite probably are willing to pay more money later on – for instance, two-digit square meter proces for the rooms to be examined. Lacking experience, I can’t say anything about the prices and respectability of these two providers, of course.

In the sleep course you learn, among other things (my translation):

From the feng shui point of view, [bad sleep] can be caused, among other things, by bad placement of the bed, sharp edges, skewness, wrong material, electric smog, too screaming colors, water veins or other geopathic disturbance zones.

Feng Shui sign Hey, if I lie on sharp edges or a skewed stone bed, I need no feng shui to know it’s uncomfortable and bad for sleeping! ;) Of course they also include that balderdash about disturbing water veins and “geopathic disturbance zones” (great words – just let some dowser, energy-with-hand-senser or I-see-all-energetic-problems-jabberer walk through your house, he’ll always find (or rather make up) something that he can sell a solution for or at least “justify” his counselling fees).

I just don’t get how the “ancient masters” (mentioned in the 1st yourse) could have included electric smog in their teachings…

Of course there’s more:

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (25€, 1 day):

Kinesiology perceives the person holistically. Using the muscle test (biofeedback to the body and subconcious), you can see what weakens your body (=drains enery) or strengthens it.

And here it applies, too: Once the patients are hooked on it, they are likely to pay more – maybe even enormous amounts for a placebo effect, some minor movement exercises and for a “muscle test” that’s unsuitable for any pretended diagnostic purposes. (» SkepDic).

Seeing all these, shamanistic round dances and meditation drumming (offered too, of course) are quite harmless and entertaining, even fun…

Photos: Luopan compass musicvisionary2000 / flickr, woman with sign (original) cooljinny / sxc, Chinese characters from Wikipedia

Picture riddle 11

Let’s have a little photo quiz in between:

What is this on the photo?
Alright, it’s pretty clear that something is being reflected in the water, as is which lake this is… so the more concrete question:

What is reflected in the water?

Bilderrätsel 11

Solved by David: The yellow stripes that are reflected here prevent the boat (on the left) from being shit on by birds like the boat on the right:

Bilderrätsel 11 Lösung