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Somewhat unpractical…

…but it’s supposed to indicate a good cause – and of course winning chances –, this sticker from today’s “Aktion Mensch” bulk mail (a social organization with a lottery supporting handicapped people) about a special draw day at December 6.

But if I do what they say and stick it onto my calendar, it looks like this:

Aktion Mensch calendar sticker put to use

As I said, somewhat unpractical. :bigsmile:

Make your Q key blue!

Quelle, one of the big German mail-order companies, included in their latest ad letter two stickers for the Q key – in nice metallic blue, with a little violet touch depending on the light source (and not easy to photograph correctly):

Quelle Q sticker (1)Quelle Q sticker (2)

(Translation: “Free stickers for your world of advantages.”)

With the background that if you press the Q key on quelle.de, you get a special offer page (if you’re logged in) – currently a Halloween special, a travel raffle and a few highlighted, partly reduced classes of goods.

Nice idea, but would anyone really put them on her/his keyboard? I doubt that…

(Should I ask Quelle if they have stickers for the other 104 keys? ;) At least then it would have a consistent look…)