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twitter I joined the microblogging service Twitter about 2 weeks ago, writing a total of 60 tweets so far – this post is not supposed to be a proper (early) résumé about whether Twitter is useful or not, I’d just like to mention a few odd things:

  • A strange but funny video by LisaNova as “Twitter Whore” (part 1, part 2; just don’t remember who tweeted it, sorry via this gwup tweet).
  • Advertising twitterers were there pretty quickly: a food company (left in the mean time) and a DIY market – what’s the use of their following but one brief attention? At least they don’t throw ad messages at you – then they’d be quickly blocked (and blogged) anyway, however.
  • And there’s also offenbarung (=revelation) who tweet texts from their antique story collection – and apparently hope for re-followers who’d like to be converted if they follow many “godless” people like me. Well, apparently didn’t work out, they left again…
  • And [update:] the fake account Richard_Dawkins seems to re-follow almost everyone who’s following him, regardless of the language. Whatever that may be good for… – his real account is RichardDawkins without the “_”, though he doesn’t write himself, just representatives.

The twitter bird here is one from the free Smashing Magazine collection, by the way.