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EDL logo Today is the “European Day of Languages” – and there are many languages. Could you assign all the languages to the countries they are officially used in? Even if it’s just a short sentence (see below) each? There’s a game (optionally in presentation mode) at the Council of Europe’s website where you can assign “Talk to me!” in 39 languages to their respective country or countries. (I admit, though, it was a bit too tedious for me, I didn’t play it completely.)

Update 2008: Added language names.

Talk to me!     (English)
Parle-moi!     (French)
Sprich mit mir!     (German)
Parlami!     (Italian)
¡Háblame!     (Spanish)
Μιληστε μου     (Greek)
Runa ar mani!     (Latvian)
Spreek met mij!     (Dutch)
Räägi minuga!     (Estonian)
Vorbeşte-mi!     (Romanian)
Parla’m!     (Catalan)
Razgovaraj sa mnom!     (Croatian)
Зборувај со мене!     (Macedonian)
ԽՈՄԻՐ խոսիր ԻՆՁ ՀԵՏ     (Armenian)
Говори с мен!     (Bulgarian)
Puhu minulle!     (Finnish)
Mluv se mnou!     (Czech)
Pasikalběkime!     (Lithuanian)
Talaðu við mig!     (Icelandic)
Flisni me mua!     (Albanian)
Mów do mnie!     (Polish)
Kellimni!     (Maltese)
Pogovarjaj se z mano!     (Slovenian)
Поговори со мной!     (Russian)
Fala comigo!     (Portugese)
Snakk til meg!     (Norwegian)
Разговарај са мном!     (Serbian)
Prata med mig!     (Swedish)
Hovor so mnou!     (Slovak)
Beszélj hozzám!     (Hungarian)
დამელაპარაკე     (Georgian)
Konuş benimle!     (Turkish)
Snak med mig!     (Danish)
Поговори зі мною!     (Ukrainian)
Mənimlə danış     (Azerbaijani)
Labhair liom!     (Irish)
Schwätz met mer!     (Luxembourgish)
Discurrà cun mai!     (Romansch)
Пагавары са мной!     (Belarusian)

Now if I saved you some time for your homework, why not say thank you? :)

(No guarantees.)

1 Trackback

  1. n

    thank you ^^
    we all got stickers in class and i got “kellimni”! ;D

    -norway :)

  2. K

    thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)
    i was trying to google all the langauges 8O wasn’t going that well, so THANKYOU xD

  3. E

    Thanks a lot! I got “Rasgovaraj sa mnom!” :) Here we say “Räägi minuga” ;)


  4. :oops:

  5. V

    Thank you ever so!!!

  6. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  7. U

    Danke! Hast mir geholfen :D

  8. M

    Hey, du hast mir wirklich sehr geholfen, für unser Interkulturelles Projekt wird dieser Spruch in den Sprachen der Kinder auf unsere T-Shirts gedruckt
    vielen Dank :lol:

  9. f

    VIELEN Dank – da hat SEHR geholfen :-))

  10. J

    Das war eine tolle Idee, allerdings hat es ein wenig Zeit gekostet, bis ich die Seite hier gefunden habe. Trotdem vielen Dank!

  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  12. Trop bien génial! :lol: :) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :idea:

  13. merci beaucoup :)

  14. M

    Thanks a lot ! It was really time saving for me . It was not for my homework since I’m a teacher but for my preparations :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

  15. P

    Thanks a lot. You really made my day! Great job!

  16. F

    Thanks a lot :danke: !!! Great job :clap: :clap:

  17. AS

    They got Armenian wrong. It’s supposed to be խոսիր not խոմիր.

    • c

      Thanks, I changed it.
      (Seems to be a slightly different font/character set, at least what I’m seeing on the iPad now…)

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