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Links and Video of the Week (4/2009)

  • Pacman as text adventure (via Nerdcore). It looks like this:
    You move west.
    As you move you are eating the food pellet in your way. It tastes delicious.
    There is a shrieking noise echoing through the maze.
    You are in a passage leading from west to east.
    In the EAST you can see some delicious food 4 steps away.
    There is a crossing to the east 1 step away.
    In the WEST you can see some delicious food just 1 step away.
    There is a junction to the west 2 steps away.

    Luckily, there’s also a little map.

  • The entire new album Sepultura, A-LEX, can be played online (warning: no volume control in the online player; via biotechpunk).
  • David Letterman’s “Top 10 things I will actually miss about Bush” (via direkteingabe):


obamiconme1 Two little changes here:

Blogroll with images

I’ve seen it last year here and there, but somehow lost sight of it – Maya (eisitu) and Luigi (hartgekochtes) reminded me, and so I’ve now added screenshots made by websnapr to my blogroll. It’s actually quite simple: Register at websnapr, wait for your key and then access the images with the appropriate URL:


There’s s=202×152 and t=90×70 available for the size – given how large my blogroll is, I’ve picked the 90×70 version. If you’re using standard functions, you have to add these image URLs to the links in the WP admin area; since I’m using my own theme function for the blogroll anyway, I simply could add this functionality there automatically.

Opinion? :)

Single-language posts

No more “Sorry, this post is not available in English” for posts I only wrote in German (in the future and for a couple weeks back; I didn’t reassign all the old ones) – those posts get now assigned to a special category which then is excluded in the English setting. They won’t show up in the feed nor on index and archive pages (except for category archives). They’re still included when clicking through single posts.

Frank Bültge wrote about it here for feeds, I’ve changed it accordingly:

function ag_cat_exclude($query) {
  global $langswitch_lang_pref;
  if (!$query->is_category) {
    if ($langswitch_lang_pref=="en") { $query->set('cat','-385'); } else
    if ($langswitch_lang_pref=="de") { $query->set('cat','-386'); }
  return $query;

If you want to do it without Langswitch (the language switching plugin I’m using here), leave out those parts; 385 and 386 are my category IDs of “German only” and “English only”. Other variables besides is_category are is_single, is_page, is_archive, is_date, is_year, is_month, is_day, is_time, is_author, is_tag, is_tax, is_search, is_feed, is_comment_feed, is_trackback, is_home, is_404, is_paged, is_admin, is_attachment, is_singular, is_robots, is_posts_page. If you got any questions, just ask. :)