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Who would have thought it possible?

JuliaL49 has spread this nice little Traveler IQ Challenge – who gets more points pinpointing cities and landmarks with limited time on a world map. In this little competition, I just (temporarily? temporarily, I’m sure!) raised the bar a little:

Traveler IQ Challenge 122 (small)
(click for full view)

Who achieves even more? Can someone reach level 12?

Yakamoz. Sabei!


Sabei, this yakamoz. What a bahagia. You really get fernweh – and saudade when returning home…

And yawwa to the ifa (and all participants) for these words. Zjom-zjom!

Please do not hot-link this photo, that’s costing me traffic – copy it to your own webspace if you want to use it. (It’s from sxc.hu, by the way.)

Talk to me!

EDL logo Today is the “European Day of Languages” – and there are many languages. Could you assign all the languages to the countries they are officially used in? Even if it’s just a short sentence (see below) each? There’s a game (optionally in presentation mode) at the Council of Europe’s website where you can assign “Talk to me!” in 39 languages to their respective country or countries. (I admit, though, it was a bit too tedious for me, I didn’t play it completely.)

Update 2008: Added language names.

Talk to me!     (English)
Parle-moi!     (French)
Sprich mit mir!     (German)
Parlami!     (Italian)
¡Háblame!     (Spanish)
Μιληστε μου     (Greek)
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