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Links and Videos of the Week (2010/03)

Qualities in Smog

NO CYC Again some automatically translated dating scam attempt – in English this time, and still funny even though only one automatic translation was involved. Two photos were also included, showing (matching the given age) not a very young skimpily dressed girl1, but a rather common (and rather flat-chested) woman in a thick jacket. Probably aimed at those who don’t fall for the young and would easier smell the fraud then…

As usual it’s probable that the photos were shot elsewhere by others – one of them shows a (park) road marking in the background (see detail above) that rather looks like “No cyc[ling]” than anything Russian.

Subject: want to meet serious intentions!

I can understand that you want to meet serious intenstions, given that your own intentions aren’t really serious. But I’m just seriously making fun of your text…

Hello, please be not surprised to mine the letter.

No, don’t worry, I’m not surprised to mine around in your “letter”. But I won’t mine it with explosives.

You in search of second half? I hope, that so. I have addressed in agency of acquaintances and to me have picked up second half. I have taken the first step to our acquaintance. I hope you not against.

No, just gimme your automatically translated first step, there won’t be a second one, and no reply from me either.

You have very much liked me, I have decided, that I can write to you.

:lol3: Oh, you decided that I liked you some time ago; and that’s what you’d write to me?

It is interesting to me to get acquainted with you, it is possible at us there is something the general.

But only very general.

I will tell about myself that you represented who to you writes not much.


I live in Russia. I hope you heard about this country.

Russ… Russia? No, never heard about that.

To me of 37 years, I not married, am dissolved 3 years. I consider myself as the young, attractive, cheerful woman and good sense of humour.

It rather looks like “so-so” with a tired smile on the photos. And not dissolved in anything.

I search for the sincere, kind, loving and reliable man.

Won’t find these in your criminal environment, huh?

I represent its clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense of humour.

You… are a representative of a dialog partner of a thing (“its”)??

The age, a hair colour, a figure not so are important for me, as its care, character and the serious relation to marriage. I very much hope, that to a smog to find these qualities in you.

:lol2: I don’t know how thick the smog at your place is, but don’t worry, my qualities are recognizable in smog, too.

I hope, that you write to me. With excitement Elena!

No, I prefer to make fun about your mail here.

  1. a pity… []