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“im Lauren from us”

Whether it’s “Helen” in May (displayed striked-out here) or “Lauren” now (underlined) – in reality it’s just dating and advanced-fee fraud:

You can see more my photo’s im Lauren from us

Hallo, my name’s Helen Lauren

Im 28, 29, now i live in Ashville NC, USA.
I am woman who’s looking to meet some new people and friends.
You can see more my photo’s and about me
at my Website Home Page: http://[…].110mb.com

if you wanna chat plz send me letter.

my personal e-mail: kurey.helen@gmail.com sunny.lauren78@gmail.com

i’ll be wait 4 your letter with a great impatience :-) :-) :-)

p.s Du darfst mir auf dem Deutschen schreiben.
Ich verstehe ein wenig Deutsche die sprache.

(The last two lines in wrong German re-translate to “You may write to me on the German. I understand a little Germans the language.”)

So we see: Got one year older, changed the name and removed the link to a free-hosted website. Also included a cheap black-and-white photo instead of an überkitschy color photo. The rest is the same.

:arrow: Don’t reply, they’re only criminals.

Laguages Matter!

EDL-Logo “Celebrating linguistic diversity, plurilingualism, lifelong language learning”

Today, September 26, is the “European Day of Languages” with its motto “Talk to me”, which I already wrote about last year (and added the language names now) – this year, it’s somewhat embedded into the UNESCO’s “International Year of Languages” and its motto “Languages matter!”. And they certainly mean more than just the 200 into which they translated that slogan – probably all 6000-7000…

If you take a look at this 200-language PDF you probably know hadly any of them… For the fun of it, I’ve picked a few languages here:

EDL 08 Onhu awe amaghami iyaar! (Abuan)
Mehɔˊ b, chǒm éche édé etógnέn bwǎmbwǎm. (Bakossi)
Po dabe sege yai nai dao. (Dadibi)
Ennimi za mugaso! (Ganda)
Naɠafik naíta gwamatàt! (Ik)
Jiɛmuye ga naforo ni ! (Jɛnaama)
Oporlu marong i tongotinangaran (Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan)
Tia’lejo ni okpo (Ma’di)
Kia ora te reo! (Pa’umotu)
Rimayninchiskunan ancha allin. (Quechua Eastern Apurimac)
¡Te re’o henua e hauha’a ro ‘ā! (Rapa Nui)
Ia ha’afaufa’ahia te reo! (Tahitian)
Ago zege’a boro taugi. (Uare)
Di langwij adem doz aalweiz mata. (Vincentian Creole English)
Wlu -wee’- klein” kɔn -tɩ’. (Wobé)
Kennem kennem yunjon wal kerma paiem. (Yu We (North Wahgi))
Ciiney gonda hinfaani ! (Zarma)

48 Spaces

asian memory Warning: It will be a little techical here ;) – but maybe just ignore the details, you still can get what’s odd here, so in case of doubt just read the bold print…:

From the SMBios/DMI info for memory modules that are supposed to be set by the BIOS, ideally taking the info from the modules’ SPD EEPROMs:

Manufacturer: 48spaces
Part no.: 312345678901234567890123456789012345
Serial no.: 31234567

And the same for all four slot info items. How did that go, did someone say to his colleague programmer: “Nobody cares about these fields anyway, just write 48 spaces into them”?
aargh, another one of these bugs! ;)

Photo: Lev Olkha – Fotolia.com